US Casualties

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US Casualties

Post by lance » Oct 29th 2003, 5:03 pm

I just wanted to alert you to a very good website that tracks Coalition casualties in Iraq:

As of this post, 358 dead, 2088 wounded

If you want to see the figures broken down by state, click on Fatalites Metrics, select "view totals by" drop box and select state.

As of this post, California has lost the most with 34 and Texas is second with 31.


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Post by andrewgd » Oct 29th 2003, 5:17 pm

I'm hearing more and more that the wounded aren't just little wounds either. With the advancements in body armor and medical treatment, many of those wounded who would have died in the past are now living. That means more and more people are coming back with limbs missing (armor protects the body but not the limbs). One incident recently reported is of a rpg slamming through the sides of a hummer (which doesn't have armor) and taking off the legs of everyone inside.

The mortality rate of this war is lower than we've had before. But there are more people coming back mangled from this mess.
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Post by fnordboy » Nov 19th 2003, 1:55 am

I was surprised to read this tonight (from Oct 20 2003):
Army Concerned About Suicides of U.S. Troops in Iraq By Will Dunham

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - At least 13 U.S. troops have committed suicide in Iraq, representing more than 10 percent of American noncombat deaths there, and the Army dispatched a suicide-prevention expert to assess the problem, officials said on Thursday.

At least 11 U.S. Army soldiers have committed suicide during Iraq operations, most with self-inflicted gunshot wounds, and two Marines have committed suicide using firearms, officials said.

One official said "a few more" Army deaths were being investigated as possible suicides, and the Navy said the death of one service member was under investigation. The Air Force said it had no such cases...(more)
Wonder why this hasn't been mentioned by the news.

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