The Russian Debutante's Handbook by Gary Shteyngart

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The Russian Debutante's Handbook by Gary Shteyngart

Post by ducksqueak » Oct 27th 2003, 12:08 am

I don't know if anyone else has had the chance to read it, but I loved it. You get the chance to look at situations that can only occur in American from a Russian immigrant's perspectives. It's interesting and witty in a modern style of writing. Gary Shteyngart's use of the English language reminds me a lot of Vladimir Nabokov. They can play with words and phrases in an interesting way because they look at it through a foreigner's eyes. If you're looking for something entertaining and moral-less, but at the same time smart, pick up The Russian Debutante's Handbook.
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Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Oct 27th 2003, 12:13 am

I saw this book a few weeks ago at Cost Co and picked it up, but I ended up putting it back because I am trying to cut back on my extraneous book spending. Maybe I'll buy it for the plane ride to New Orleans!
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