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MSCL may be gone from the tv screen, but there are lots of good (and bad) new productions airing each week. Talk with other MSCL fans about your favorite shows or the shows you hate. Of course you can also discuss TV show DVD releases here.
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Post by Angela_Catalano » Aug 30th 2004, 12:03 am

Actually my friend was at my house and started watching Daria on the N. Then i would end up tuning in to Degrassi afterwards. Which brang me to see My so called life! I like Degrassi pretty well. I dont care as much for when they are soo soo young, but it just keeps on getting better. Its a realistic show. i never saw the original ones, but I know that the Charector's who are there parents are from the original series.

The show I dont like as much on the N, is Radio Free Roscoe (RFR) its not the worst thing I ever seen, but its not all that great. I only watch it when Im bored.

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