Amber's dream

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Amber's dream

Post by Guest » Oct 19th 2003, 10:07 am

Qoute from "On the wagon"
Amber : No, I always sound like this. [coughs] Mm. Ah. I was just having a dream about Angela. Her and her boyfriend, and Rainie
and me were in this, like, log cabin.

Patty : Oh, if you mean Jordan Catalano, he's not her boyfriend. They've decided just to be friends.

Amber : Yeah, right. So, anyway. So they were all in this featherbed,
and I was making pancakes for George Bush, of all people. So,Pat what's up?
Opinions? Comments?

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Post by tridentdps » Oct 19th 2003, 5:36 pm

Typical Patty living in a bubble, and Amber living in the School of Hard Knocks where she is a bit cynical. Now the pancakes is another matter lolll


Post by Guest » Oct 20th 2003, 6:37 am

Do you think the dream foreshadows events from the Betrayal?When Amber says that Rayanne,Jordan and Angela were all "in this featherbed"

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Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Oct 26th 2003, 7:29 pm

Dreams are an interesting aspect of MSCL - even before the finale with its emphasis on everyone's dreams. If you consider all of the allusions and references to dreams throughout the series:

Angela listens to "Dreams" by the Cranberries (Guns & Gossip)

Rinaldi reads from Kafka's Metamorphosis: "When Gregor Samsa woke up one morning from unsettling dreams, he found himself changed into a monstrous vermin. "What's happened to me?" he thought. It was no dream. (The Zit)

Angela says (regarding the fashion show), "Yeah, it's her dream...that I magically turn into this...perfect, pretty daughter that she can show off and take all the credit for. Too bad. I don't quite measure up." (The Zit)

All of the Nicki Driscoll stuff in Halloween - did Angela dream about it or was it real?

Angela and Rayanne discussing Jordan: "For like months you've been trying to convince me to do all these things I'd never dream of doing and now that I'm actually doing them, you're -- I mean, haven't you made out with guys in the boiler room like, hundreds of times?" (Self Esteem)

Brian's response to Angela's request for geometry tutoring: "You're in some kind of dream world, or something that revolves around you. You have like no concept of anybody else's life --" (Self Esteem)

When Jordan shows up at Angela's house late at night, she thinks, "It's a dream. I'm having a dream. I've *had* this dream, only without the cold cuts." (Pressure)

The Cherskis' sex tape narration: "Having shared the most sacred love a human being can know, Shelley and Mitch talk intimately of their secret hopes, their fears, their dreams, every moment of their lives bringing them closer together." (Pressure)

Angela says, "If you knew the dream I had about Corey Hellfrick last night, you wouldn't think I was so sweet and innocent....He was wearing a towel, but this really weird towel, made of, like, saltines! And it kept crumbling.." (Betrayal)

After Rayanne sleeps with Jordan, she tells Sharon, "So, congratulations, your dream came true." (Betrayal)

Angela says the day after she had a dream about Jordan, "It's so weird when you see someone you just dreamed about. Like it's gonna show." (In Dreams Begin Responsibility)

After Jordan tells Angela that he did an "undefendable thing," she tells Rickie, "Oh, Rickie, it was like a dream. I mean, you would not believe the brilliantly insightful words that came out of his mouth." (In Dreams Begin Responsibility)

Rayanne tells Rickie and Angela, "Amber's, like, totally jazzed. It turns out, it's, like, her big dream to have a daughter in the school play." (In Dreams Begin Responsibility)

After reading Jordan's letter, Angela says to Brian, "Have you ever just, like, completely given up on someone, and then something happens, and you go, "Oh my God. There's so much more to this person than I ever dreamed!" (In Dreams Begin Responsibility)

Jordan then tells Angela, "I have all these dreams where I know exactly what to say. And you tell me, you know, that you forgive me." (In Dreams Begin Responsibility)

Finally, all of the dreams mentioned in the finale:

Angela: In the dream I keep having about Jordan Catalano, I'm trying to catch up with him. But it's hard, because there's something wrong with the floor. Sometimes my father is there. Sometimes my great-aunt Gertrude's funeral kinda gets mixed in with it. The end of the dream is always the same -- I catch up with him. I yell and scream, how he hurt and betrayed me. How I can never forgive him. He just stands there, like someone caught in a storm who stopped caring how what he gets. Then I wake up.

Delia's dream about Rickie: Well, it wasn't, you know, that type of dream. We were just dancing. In this big vegetable garden. I was wearing this dress I saw on "The Nanny."

Sharon: Last night, I dreamed that Rayanne Graff and I were appearing in this water ballet together, for, like, charity.

Patty's dream: I dreamed I was taking out the garbage. And suddenly, I realize, there's someone there. And it's Princess Diana. Anyway, she's all upset, about the divorce and everything, and she keeps repeating, "Princesses just don't get divorced." And I say, "I know, I know." And then I see him. Tony. And I think, "Wow. He looks just the same." And...[Patty and Tony kiss]...that's all I remember.
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