Does anyone think there will be a reunion?

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Does anyone think there will be a reunion?

Post by Guest » Oct 19th 2003, 7:09 am

I was reading this thing in TV Tome about some director who thought it was a shame that this show went off the air and he was all like I would do a reunion movie but only if all of the orginals came back which I think would be slim to no chance at all but I was just wondering what yall thought... thanks :wink:

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Post by Sascha » Oct 19th 2003, 8:52 am

This has already been discussed in this thread: am I the first one to see this?

Short answer: The chances for a reunion movie/episode are extremely slim. The complete cast and crew has moved on since then. Maybe there will be sometime a one-time "what are they doing now" special on tv, but no MSCL II.

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Post by CrimsonGlow » Oct 19th 2003, 9:43 pm

Even though I'm a total MSCL-berserk-crazed fan, I truly wish that they don't even come close to attempting a reunion ("closure") show. Uh uh. Sometimes it's better to let things remain as they were, as they are and how they're remembered, like if the period of time has been too long. So in other words, let ABC feel the pain for eternity. Hahahaha.
BUT....I think a get together interview/reunion would be great. The Married With Children cast just had a successful one this year. It would be great for MSCL as well because this show has been a mystery especially now that it's off the air and is always talked about today. Plus, it would be really interesting because of the genre of the show. Usually it's always comedy shows that have these review/interviews/reunion specials, and MSCL was a heavy real-life drama TV show. So I'm all for that.
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Post by Hunee » Oct 19th 2003, 11:40 pm

I think it is better how it was left and even if there were more episodes it just would not fit with the series like the ending did... just how angela found out the truth but made the decision to go with jordan... and now we can forever make up what we want to in our own minds about where the characters are now and how we can create the series the way we feel we would like to see but it would be different if someone else wrote a different ending and it just would not fit...
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