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faye demavivas
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Post by faye demavivas » Sep 7th 1999, 12:06 am

hey guys!!!! i am a HUGE fan of mscl and am in need of three episodes that i don't fully have. you see, two were not taped completely and the other i've never seen. the episodes that i wanted were the world happiness dance (there were technical difficulites during this one--abc sucks!!!), the halloween special, and the substitue episode which i have never seen and am looking forward to seeing before i die. seeing that you guys are huge fans too, i was wondering if you could help me out. PLEASE help me out here:):) write me at mesmorose5@aol.com
thanks guys!!!

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Re: episodes!!!

Post by worldsapart » Sep 7th 1999, 3:42 am

Life of Brian (world happiness dance) and The Substitute are out to buy on video, but the Halloween one is not...I don't have that one either....so let me know if you get it!


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Re: episodes!!!

Post by adam » Sep 7th 1999, 6:04 pm

wow! you are missing some of my favorite episodes of mscl. the substitute is a realy good one. it also sets up the episode "why jordan can't read" it goes in and talks about jordans inability to read. even though all the episodes are great these are very high on my scale.

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