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Forum Rules

Post by Sascha » Oct 12th 2003, 6:42 am

These are the MSCL.COM forum rules. Please read them carefully before posting. By posting in this forum, you agree to follow these rules.

Last update: December 18th, 2005 (links to episode download sites prohibited)

MSCL.COM Forum Rules

(A) Registration
If you want to post, please consider registering. It's free, we will not sell your email address or your personal information, and it only takes a few minutes. This non-commercial site is maintained and financed by supporters of "My So-Called Life." Credits. Disclaimer.

We have decided to turn off guest posting in the DVD Forum as there are a select few who seem to want to do nothing but agitate. We still welcome critical posts and discussion, but to do so in the DVD forum requires that you at least identify yourself with a username. Guests are still welcome to read this and all of our forums.

Due to automatic forum spamming and an increased number of "guest" postings from users who don't seem to be willing to read and abide by the forum rules, and/or use the search function, we disabled anonymous guest postings in the "Show" and "Afterlife" forums. We may have to extend this to other forums, if the spamming continues.

(B) Language, Content
Do not post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-orientated or any other material that may violate any applicable laws. Do not post links to illegal download websites for TV episodes or ask for such links. Doing so may lead to you being immediately and permanently banned (and your service provider being informed). The IP address of all posts is recorded to aid in enforcing these conditions.

The default language in all forums (except those forums especially created for other countries) is English. Not all of our members speak English as their first language. As a courtesy to all members, please refrain from using text talk or other abbreviated forms of speech that will make it difficult for non-native English speakers to understand or translate what you are saying. Common net acronyms such as "LOL", "AFAIK" are acceptable. You can find a list of acronyms and their meaning here:

(C) Search before posting!
Please don't open a new topic for every small information or question! Try to "re-use" existing topics. If you have a question or comment, look to see if a similar thread already exists either by browsing the existing threads or by using the search function. Look for FAQs about special topics (DVD Forum FAQ, MSCL show info, etc.) Duplicate threads are subject to closure and members will be redirected to existing threads. When starting new topics, the thread title should reflect the topic ("Angela's hair color" rather than "I have a question") and should not contain all capital letters or excessive punctuation (i.e. "ANGELA'S HAIR COLOR!!!!!!").

For any private conversations, please use e-mail or the Private Messaging function of this board. We will delete/close/move/ban any topics and/or users violating these rules.

(D) Respect the opinion of other users
You are allowed to publish your opinion (be it positive or negative) about any topic, but please respect the opinions of other fans. Do not insult or attack other persons on this board. We will delete such hateful postings without further notice. This is especially important in the "Political Topics" forum. And remember, many fans of MSCL are still teenagers, so please watch your language.

(E) Rumors and Privacy
We ask that you respect the privacy of any cast or crew associated with My So-Called Life. Accordingly, we ask you to refrain from posts that contain rumors or unsubstantiated claims about the private lives of MSCL cast or crew. Rumors about the sexual preferences or other personal/private details about cast/crew are not allowed here. If the person in question has not publicly stated the information to be true, do not post it here. Unconfirmed information about upcoming projects (movies, tv shows, etc.) is permitted but should be labelled as such until the projects are confirmed.

In addition, we do not allow members to post personal contact information (phone numbers, addresses, etc) for anyone but themselves.

If you copy large texts or other information from other websites into your posting, please add a link to the source, if available.

(F) Spoilers
Obviously there aren't any spoilers for MSCL since the show has long since ended. It's fine to discuss spoilers in other forums as long as you use spoiler tags (it is directly below the bold button when composing posts). What exactly are spoilers? When discussing current tv shows, a spoiler is any information (casting, plot, or otherwise) regarding an episode that has not yet aired in the USA. While you are allowed to post information without spoiler tags after a movie/tv show has aired in the US, please remember that we have lots of visitors from overseas, so don't use potential spoiler information as a topic title. When discussing movies or books, be courteous and do not ruin the ending for other members by giving away the ending or major plot twists ("I can't believe she died at the end!").

(G) In case of violation
Any posts deemed to be in violation of the forum rules will be edited or deleted. Any poster who flagrantly and repeatedly garners deletions and demonstrates inappropriate behavior will have his/her forum account revoked. Forum rules are not negotiable and subject to change as we deem necessary.

If you have any questions/comments, you can reach all moderators and forum admins privately via the Private Messaging function or send an email to to contact the admins.

(H) The most important rule: Have Fun!
We hope that we'll never have to enforce all these rules above. They are meant as guidelines for existing and new users and as a legal safety net for the unlikely case of something going wrong. We are still very proud of this community and how it has grown over the past years.
Thank you for keeping "LIFE" alive!


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