The good old times....

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The good old times....

Post by Joanna » Sep 16th 2001, 6:49 pm

I have just seen the new star-spangled MSCL welcoming page with the '7 years' banner on it and it suddenly occurred to me how sad it is that we are all seven years older since MSCL first entered our lives....and not only that but Angela and the gang are also seven years older! Seven years seems such a long time but it is not - yet we are all so much older now. I was a teenager then and now I am an adult that has to go to work everyday in harsh reality. I only wish, now more than ever, that I could go back to those free and happier days and be 15 once more. I cannot believe the events the world has experienced this past week and I think perhaps we all wish for happier times. At least every time I watch an episode of MSCL I get transported straight back to those times where everything and nothing was important. Oh dear....what an effect the new opening page seems to have had on me - who knows what I'll be like when I have a mid-life crisis! However, in light of recent events we have seen that growing old is a privilage denied to many - and that we should never forget. I have no doubt the MSCL will continued to be viewed by teenagers across the world for many years to come.

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Re: The good old times....

Post by Brandon » Sep 17th 2001, 9:53 am

I hear you there, I was 15 years old exactly 7 years ago.. I do feel sad knowing that that "innocence" is gone but I guess it's someone else's turn to experience that now :) I'm just happy that every now and then, just for a moment, I can relive those days through MSCL.


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