MSCL on EW's "Most Frustrating Season Finales" List

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MSCL on EW's "Most Frustrating Season Finales" List

Post by Brunkster » May 28th 2013, 12:17 pm

OK, so this is a few weeks old but I just saw this linked from CNN today. The link is below if you want to see who else made the list but I pasted all of the MSCL text here. Enjoy!

My So-Called Life

Aired: Jan. 26, 1995 (series finale)
Just when Angela Chase (Claire Danes) seemingly got everything she wanted in the form of a soul-baring love letter from her less-than-verbal über-crush Jordan Catalano (Jared Leto), she realized the note was actually penned by the boy next door Brian Krackow (Devon Gummersall). As Angela stepped into Jordan's car, rekindling their romance, she paused to take a lingering look back at Brian, who was suddenly someone to consider. The complication followed suit with the yearning and poetically mundane tone of My So-Called Life's damn-near-perfect first season, leaving diehard fans, like, praying for a second season to no avail. —Lanford Beard,,2059345 ... 3#21313602

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