HELP my stuff is all screwed up

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HELP my stuff is all screwed up

Post by lithium_kat » Sep 5th 2003, 8:03 pm

i think someone hacked my s**t or something, cuz I can't log in and when i tried to do the reset password thing it keeps saying that the email provided does not match the one listed for that user name! wtf I onlyuse TWO email addys!!!! something is wrong that really ticks me off please email obviously remove the part that says remove this and dieevilspambots die

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Natasha (candygirl) Team Team
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Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Sep 5th 2003, 9:29 pm

I emailed Sascha, so hopefully he will be able to fix it for you!
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Sascha Team Team
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Post by Sascha » Sep 6th 2003, 6:03 am

The problem is: If you enter an invalid email address into your profile, you can not change your password and the system can't send you a new one. The system can't automatically remove the "REMOVETHIS" parts from an address. I removed that part from your e-mail address, now you should be able to request a new password like you tried before. Post here if it still doesn't work.

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