Recurring clothes

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Recurring clothes

Post by oldguy » Apr 3rd 2000, 8:34 pm


Has anyone ever noticed that in the episode,
"Self Esteem" --- one of Angela's flannel shirts
from an earlier episode makes a scene-after-scene
run through the whole episode? First, Rayanne is
seen wearing Angela's shirt (when she is talking
to Ricky and eating Chinese food outside the school).
Later, Brian and Ricky are talking on the steps
outside the school, and some unknown person in the
background is wearing the same flannel shirt!
Check it out!


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Re: Self Esteem

Post by worldsapart » Apr 3rd 2000, 11:13 pm

Well, I have to's definitely a good excuse to watch the episode again- I'll have to check it out if I can ever find any free time!


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Re: Self Esteem

Post by saake » Apr 4th 2000, 3:42 pm

all the smal things that makes us fans happy like a shirt reapering it makes me run to the vcr to check. i just love you

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Re: Self Esteem

Post by oldguy » Apr 5th 2000, 4:46 pm

You guys probably aren't going to believe me,
but the same shirt makes a run through the next
episode too! Actually, the flannel shirt that
we first see Rayanne wearing early on in "Self Esteem"
is worn by Angela at the beginning of the next episode
(Episode 13 --- forget the name). Angela is driving
Jordan's car --- and she is wearing the same shirt
(kind of navy blue ckecked, opposite silver-white --
with kind-of fuzzy edges to the checks). Later in
Episode 13, Graham is wearing the shirt. Also, there
are at least two other scenes with a different shirt,
but with the same patern of navy blue and white. In
one scene, Brian Krakow is wearing a shirt that has
the exact same pattern, but it's not a flannel shirt.
Also, at the house where Angela and Jordan go initially
to have sex, there's someone in the background wearing
a shirt with again the same pattern.

I must be studying these episodes too closely!

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Re: Self Esteem

Post by Jack » Apr 5th 2000, 6:09 pm

The episode in question is titled "Pressure".

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Re: Self Esteem

Post by mia » Apr 6th 2000, 10:21 am

That's one of the things I like about the series. In other shows, it's as if the characters all get a new wardrobe for every episode. In MSCL they wear the same clothes repeatedly throughout the show, like anyone would wear their favorite outfit. I've always like Angela's flannel shirt. So did Rayanne, obviously, because she ran out and got one just like it. And I've always liked those brown overalls Angela's always wearing, too.

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Re: Self Esteem

Post by angelika » Apr 6th 2000, 6:50 pm

I really like Angela's clothes too! My favorite outfit on her is in Strangers in the House. It's the scene where she goes into her bedroom and Sharon is in there with Brian. She closes the door and she leans against the wall--her hair is especially nice in this scene, too. I like that crazy shirt that she has on (she wears it ALL the time) with the shirt underneath and the jeans. Very cute. :-)


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Re: Self Esteem

Post by mia » Apr 7th 2000, 11:52 am

My favorite outfit of hers has got to be the one she wears at the fashion show - that velvet dress with the bell sleeves. Unfortunately, I only remember her wearing it once.


Re: Self Esteem

Post by Guest » Jun 16th 2000, 2:04 pm

Actually, Angela was seen wearing that velvet dress more than once. She wore it to the fashion show in "The Zit" and to the "World Happiness Dance" with Brian. But yeah (I think it was mia who said this) I always thought it was cool how they wore the same clothes more than once rather than getting a new wardrobe every season. But I never noticed more than one character wearing the same shirt till now.

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Re: Self Esteem

Post by Joanna » Jul 11th 2001, 3:22 pm

Are you referring to the multi-coloured t-shirt Angela wears to Ryanne's house-party which was worn by Ryanne in an earlier episode (wear she is eating chinese by the school gates and ignores Angela for selling their grateful-dead tickets?)

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