My so called job as a casting director

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My so called job as a casting director

Post by Tyler Durden » Jun 12th 2003, 7:34 pm

I don't think i've posted this before, but thought it'd be a bit of fun.
Imagine you're a hollywood casting director, and you have to make a blockbuster of MSCL, but all the original members of the cast have refused to do it. Who would you cast?
I realise that no one could ever replace the original members, but what the hell, its a laugh. Besides, it's your job. Your a major casting director. You have to chose and make it a success. Choose wisely people.
I'll post mine when i've had chance to think about it. This can't be a hasty decision, lol.
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Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Jun 13th 2003, 1:07 am

We discussed this a bit in this thread - some of the highlights:
MartinPierre wrote:Tino and the chase cat are confirmed to be played by the same actors as in the original serie !
KrokRos wrote:How about Larisa Oleynik as Angela? Maybe Lisa from The Simpsons. She'd be a good Angela.
smackey wrote:I really doubt the Olsen twins (splitting time to fit the shooting schedule into their busy calendars) will bring the same depth to the Angela role as Claire Danes did.
square pants wrote:It took me a while to be okay with mary kate and ashley playing angela. But then I remembered their superb performance in the episode where uncle jessie and his wife were hoping to be intimate and the girls were told they were "doing their taxes". THe emotional vulnerability they displayed well I'm starting to cry just thinking about it.

what really concerned me was the decision to case all of the Lawrence brothers in the male roles. I mean woooh! I heard that there was quite a disagreement between the writers and the director when he chose in the second season to have the youngest culkin play angelas sister in the 2nd season. I mean like we wouldnt notice that angela now had a brother instead of a sister. Sounds to me like the darren conspiracy of the 70s.
So-Called Loon wrote:How about Brittany Spears' little sister as Angela's little sister?
candygirl wrote:I heard they were getting the middle Hanson brother to play Danielle.
candygirl wrote:]I can totally picture Clare Kramer as Sharon though! But just imagine Clare saying, "So then she admits that she only joined yearbook to be near Scott which is like so low. I mean, it's just, I know, if she doesn't want to be in yearbook, she should, like, quit..."
Nostradamus wrote:But isn't it obvious that Clare Kramer should play Rayanne?!
starbug wrote:Christina Aguilera would make the perfect Rayanne IMO...Although I don't think her acting is up to much she certainly has slut potential. No hang on - scratch the 'potential'.
LetsBolt wrote:How about Anna Nicole Smith as Rayanne? Both lushes and horny wait, Thats just to cruel of a punishment for all of us.
How about Antonia Banderas as Rickie? because you know, they are like, SO alike.
Sammi wrote:what if they cast Screech from "Saved By the Bell" as Brian.
smackey wrote:Screech as Brian would be hysterical! But daily Variety said Andy Dick had the role locked up.
Chase Cat wrote:By the way, Melissa Joan Hart signed up for playing Jodie Barsh! After her breakout from Pittsburgh psychiatric hospital she will steal Jordan's car in the third episode of the second season. She plans to leave forever. Unfortunately on her way out, she will strike down the Chase Cat. The producers promise that this will be one of the most tearful episodes ever.
Sammi wrote:Oh and for the dad since he is a chef how about Emeril.
LetsBolt wrote:How about Ellen Degeniris as Patty? COME ON NOW! The similarities in their looks are just too strinking! And the obvious crush patty has on Amber,you know she's gay. heh.
And how about....Bjork as Angela? Quirky, weird, quiet and vulnerable. Ah yes the master of "Dancer in the Dark" can do it all over again in the revised episode of "dancing in the dark: part Deux." it'd be magical. I can just see it -----
Rickie: So, what about her?

Rayanne: Nothing, she just annoys me. Her lips are so puffed out it's like she siliconed them.

Bjork/Angela: [as Jordan walks by] Really? Do you tink she did? Really? You tink she siliconed her lips, really? everyting is like music! Really? Have you seen it all? Really?! oh my! BANG CHOP BIZZ WAH!

Rayanne: Angela, he's gone. You can talk like a normal person.

Bjork/Angela: oh gosh- i tink i made tings bad....BANG ZIP WOW!

hahaha crazy ol Bjork.
smackey wrote:And of course, there'd be the Bjork voice-over as Bjork/Angela danced up the walkway to her house after seeing Jordan: "I luff him! I luff him! I luff him! I lu-uff him!"
Jason R wrote:John Travolta as Jordan
Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Brian
Courtney Love as Rayanne
Jody Foster as Angela
square pants wrote:maybe we can raise enough cash to get sean connery to take leto's place, come on you can see it, sexy, cool, aloof, "angela, I like my tab shaking not stirred..."
Boy did we have some good ideas!

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Post by Tyler Durden » Jun 13th 2003, 8:49 pm

Cheers for that. Thought it might have been done already, even thought i may have done a post on it, but its been such a long time that i couldn't remember, lol. Enjoyed reading some of the ideas. I particularly liked the one of Britneys sister playing Danielle. Could see it. Could have Britney playing Angela, and do the whole Donnie Darko, sibling thing lol. On second thoughts....... maybe not.
"My sons a homosexual and I love him. I love my dead, gay son"

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