SNL 25 years of music

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SNL 25 years of music

Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Jun 2nd 2003, 12:45 am

First there was the CD, now there's a 5 disc DVD set of musical performances (and some skits) from the first 25 years of SNL.

Available through, it is already available in Canada for $99.96 and will be released in the US on August 12 (no US price yet).

You can view the contents here by clicking on each disc.

I have been a sporadic SNL viewer - I watched in high school, on and off in college, and lately I have been watching at least once a month. Although there have been some great music performances and skits, I don't know that I would pay for a 5 disc set. Besides, Mad TV's musical skits are usually a lot better. When I saw the Britney Spears one they did a few years ago, I really wondered how they got away with it!

I guess I would rather buy the Best of Eddie Murphy/Mike Myers/Dana Carvey/Steve Martin than this set.

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Post by lance » Jun 2nd 2003, 10:04 am


Thanks for the info.

Disco Tut anyone?


Lance Man

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