I need them!

This forum is for questions/discussions about the now sold out first DVD box set by BMG / AnotherUniverse.
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I need them!

Post by lush_girl » May 26th 2003, 4:46 pm

Hi, sorry if this has been posted before (I'm new, don't shout!) but does anyone know if the dvd/vhs set is gonna be released in UK? If not, is there anywhere I can buy them so that they will play on a UK system (mine only plays region 2)? Thanks!

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Natasha (candygirl)
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Post by Natasha (candygirl) » May 26th 2003, 5:25 pm

From the DVD FAQ:

ALL of the MSCL DVDs were manufactured as Region 0.

Your DVD player or your TV must be able to display NTSC standard - modern DVD players can transform the NTSC signal into PAL or PAL60, see your owners manual for details.

Can I watch the discs on my PAL TV?
This depends on your TV. The discs are in NTSC (US-american TV standard). Most PAL DVD-players can transform this NTSC signal into the so-called PAL60, but your TV must be able to display PAL60 (see users manual). Some TVs can even display NTSC. You may notice some loss in picture quality though. You have no problems if you watch the DVDs on your computer.

The DVD box is now listed for price comparisons at http://www.dvdpricesearch.com

There is a list of retailers selling the DVD sets in the DVD FAQ, but I am not sure about European retailers. The best price I have found is at deepdiscountdvd.com ($45.78) - usually the shipping is free, but you will have to pay for international shipping as well as customs. Good luck!
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