It's a pic of Tino! Pic of TINO, everybody!

General discussion about the nineteen episodes of "My So-Called Life". Note: Our episode guide can be found here.
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It's a pic of Tino! Pic of TINO, everybody!

Post by sine » May 14th 2003, 4:53 pm

Turns out he was lurking in the vending machine all through the show. --> Candy --> Tino
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Post by meggrrrl » May 14th 2003, 5:59 pm

That's great! I love that site, by the way - totally addicted. That pic would make a great avitar - if I wasn't so lazy, LOL


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Post by Natasha (candygirl) » May 14th 2003, 7:19 pm

Check your email meggrrrl!

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Post by lithiumkat » May 20th 2003, 1:19 am

lmao, oh my god, thats great! I didnt get what you said about the vending machine til I clicked on that picture. lol that is amazing.
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Post by Megs » May 20th 2003, 9:25 am

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