region free?

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region free?

Post by Gemma » May 13th 2003, 8:23 am


are all the dvd's sold in the usa for MSCL region 0/ region free?? i'm from the UK and am devastated that we are not going to be getting a release over here when so many people loved the show!!

just wanted to know because if they are region free i will buy them from a USA dvd site.



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Post by fnordboy » May 13th 2003, 10:49 am

Yes the are region free, but remember they are NTSC not PAL. So if you have old equipment you might have trouble playing them. Plenty of people on this forum are from the UK and have no issues playing them though.

Hopefully one of them will help with the cheapest place to buy them from (shipping costs, etc.).

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Post by starbug » May 13th 2003, 12:26 pm

I ordered mine through (not using a discount thing I got from someone on here... the set was $67.49, shipping $5.98 and I had discounts totalling $11.75.

That works out at $61.72. Or about £40-ish. Oh, and I had to pay £12.15 in customs charges to get the package into the UK. I believe some people found better deals (DeepDiscount springs to mind) though.

I have a new DVD player and after some trauma and fiddling with settings(find the thread 'my frickin DVDs are faulty!'...posted in the DVD forum somewhere) they now work.

What ever you do, don't order from Don't even visit their site. Don't be tempted by the fictional offer of bonus materials and lunchbox packaging. nobody here has ever set eyes on those materials and lots of people were screwed out of lots of money as a result of anotheruniverse being criminals...

Good luck :)


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Post by Natasha (candygirl) » May 13th 2003, 12:52 pm

FYI - has a $5 discount coupon for orders over $35 if you are a new customer. If you aren't a new customer, just sign up again using a different email address. The code we were using is MAPPCTBANK35 - although I think that particular code expired, they should have a new one. Be forewarned that they are charging $76.49 for the set now. has the cheapest price by far - the set is only $45.78, but I am not sure how much they will charge for international shipping. At any rate, I don't think they will charge much more for international shipping than amazon or any other retailer would.
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Post by The Talented Krakow » Jun 24th 2003, 11:57 am

I also bought my set on (didn't see anything about 5$ discount though, and it was the first time I ordered something there). It costed me €71,- for the set, and another €13,49 for the import. However, I don't know if you'll have to pay import-taxes when you let the package send to you as a gift.

It took three weeks till I got it, and it works just fine on my region-free DVD player. Had no problems at all.

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Post by Rufus » Dec 3rd 2003, 3:07 pm

damn - my deal wasn't as great as I thought then! Oh well, at least I know IT"S MINE NOW!!!! Hurrah!

I can hardly wait... :microwave:

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