Check out Postal Service's album Give Up

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Check out Postal Service's album Give Up

Post by fnordboy » May 12th 2003, 12:45 am

Well, I finally got around to picking the album Give Up by Postal Service, and it is damn good.

One of my favorite bands for a while now is the ban Death Cab for Cutie, basically an emocentric indie rock band. The lead singer, Ben Gibbard, has one of the most beautiful voices and musically the band is amazing.

Well he now has [another] side project that is rooted in 80s electronic music, but definitely has a newer feel to it. His vocal style is very similar to his work in DCFC and he is accompanied on some songs by female vocalists.

The songs are beautiful and I think it would be well received by some of the people on this board. So check it out ;) And while your at it check into Death Cab for Cutie if you haven't heard them before :)

Postal Service Homepage (downloadable MP3 available):

Amazon listing for Give Up (with song samples):

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