Jordan's hair lenght

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Post by Sascha » Mar 2nd 2004, 4:21 pm

Anonymous wrote:oH, wOw,I tHiNk YoU aRe PrObAbLy ThE fIrSt FeMaLe WiTh ThAt OpInIoN, aNd I'm ReAlLy GrEaTfUlL fOr ThAt
And exactly how does this improve readability again? Please don't use this kind of "cool" capitalization here. It's just plain useless and difficult to read.

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Post by msclrules » Mar 2nd 2004, 5:44 pm

Anonymous wrote:
msclrules wrote:i think he looked super hot in the commercial where he had the short hair, but when i saw online videos of him with long hair, i felt like puking...
oH, wOw,I tHiNk YoU aRe PrObAbLy ThE fIrSt FeMaLe WiTh ThAt OpInIoN, aNd I'm ReAlLy GrEaTfUlL fOr ThAt
thank you, but thats what i believe. he is mad hot with short hair, i felt like kissing him. at that point, i even wished i was angela, which can be a pretty weird thing at times(mainly because she has a bad taste in clothes sometimes, at least thats what i saw from the commercials on the N. i never saw the show before.)


Post by briz » Mar 31st 2004, 5:04 pm

i grew my hair out to look like Jordan and it looked pretty good for about a month, but then I gave up. It was way too much of a hassle to manage. I mean its a nuclear disaster when you wake up your hair is completely going in 500 different directions and getting caught in your eyes and stuff. I mean Jordan must have a hair team to style and do his hair because its not humanly possible for the average guy to do his hair every morning AND shave, I mean shaving is bad enough you have to wake up and splash water all over your face and put cream on it and run a sharp piece of metal across your cheeks. Its aweful and theres no way you can do that and manage long hair at the same time its not humanly possible. Guys with long have either A.) have a hair squad or B.) spend alot of money on electric razors and are very patient.

I go with the fade and spend my time shaving. Thats what guys do is shave nice patterns in their cheeks, go-tees ect. Not having to do your hair in the morning leaves time to do your shaving. Right now im sporting the "Paulie" look from OCC American Choppers show. Goes nice with a fade and girls seem to like it.

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Post by Nothingman » Mar 31st 2004, 5:17 pm

I had longer hair in HS that was parted in the middle, more like Jordon in the pilot, but mine was wavier. It was a giant pain in the ass, I tried every way I could think of to manage it. When I moved off to college, I cut it short and it has only gotten shorter from that point on. Now I just wear my hat to work and half the time I just take it off and let my hair do whatever because I sit at my desk and don't deal with customers very often. When I go out I throw some gel in it, but otherwise give me my hat. If it gets long enough to be disobediant I just trim it back. I think you have to have straight thick hair to pull it off, and at some point I realised it's not the hair that's keeping me from looking like Jared Leto.
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msclrules(no log in yet)

Post by msclrules(no log in yet) » Mar 31st 2004, 5:48 pm

i can't wait till friday...2 more days! and after that, we have spring break for a week and 2 days!!! mscl is gonna be fab! why is the N skipping the pilot episode of mscl? they're always skipping something! :D :D :x :cry:

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Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Mar 31st 2004, 6:01 pm

I love the male perspective on hair. Now just imagine how much time someone like Rayanne spent on her hair every day. Then again, she cut class a lot :wink:
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Post by thePidge » May 6th 2004, 12:01 pm

I like the medium length hair. I also think that the best Jared's ever looked is when he was MSCL. He looks so thin and gaunt now.



Post by Guest » May 6th 2004, 3:50 pm

Jared isn't really that skinny anymore because he had to buff up for Alexander. He looks good if I do say so myself. :D


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Post by MyLifeIsBrians » May 11th 2004, 1:02 am

I thought Jordans hair was the perfect length. Not too long but not too short. I love hair like that on guys.
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Post by Guest » Jun 15th 2004, 12:20 am

i really like him with inbetween in the episode "why jordan can't read"!!!! he's sooo hott!!!! ugh!! i could eat him up! :D

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Post by Taricco » Aug 2nd 2004, 8:05 pm

He seems to look cooler with long hair and nicer with short hair!

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Post by Jody Barsch* » Aug 3rd 2004, 1:48 pm

Guest wrote:It definitely looked the best in "Self-Esteem" when he walked down the hall at the end. It is too short in the pilot for Jordan Catalano, but his clothes, everything wasn't quite Jordan-esque at that point (notice how in the later episodes he no longer leans against stuff with his eyes closed?). Anyway, in "In Dreams" his hair is way too long, but more than that, it is oily. Not his best look. But Jordan is just too cool to get a hair cut. And anyway, any look is better than the pineapple look he sports in Fight Club.

It's funny reading through threads and coming across old posts I wrote before logging in ...

SORRY, that was not really the point of this post, and please don't follow my poor example b/c if we all go back and reclaim our old posts the forum would be a nightmare :shock: :evil: (maybe I'll post as a guest for a while to correct the balance, wait, I'm not sure that makes sense...)

Anyway, here's what I'm really responding to:
Nothingman wrote:... and at some point I realised it's not the hair that's keeping me from looking like Jared Leto.
:sunshine: Made me smile --

We all have those :shock: realizations
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Post by JammerMan » Aug 3rd 2004, 5:02 pm

Nothingman wrote:My vote is for the medium length, as seen in the first few episodes after the pilot. Where it just starts to go over his ears and is getting longer in the back.
Same here. Supersexy! :twisted:
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Post by Angela_Catalano » Aug 10th 2004, 2:03 pm

I think Jordan looks hot no matter what he does with his hair!!
But I think he looks best with Longer Hair!! It suits his charector more!

*Well Enough with the hair, what about them Gorgeous eyes???* :wink:


Post by Guest » Aug 13th 2004, 5:00 pm

Well Enough with the hair, what about them Gorgeous eyes???*
I like the colour of his eyes, but I think they are too close together and he looks like he's high all the time, which is not a big turn on for me.

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