Jordan's hair lenght

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everyone will probably disagree but...

Post by stomper4x4 » May 5th 2003, 4:41 pm

i really like his hair short. I'm not sure why, because I love longhairs

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Post by crimsonglowgurl » May 5th 2003, 10:08 pm

I think the length in the last few episodes is perfect. Definitely hawt and screams "I play guitar".


Post by Guest » May 20th 2003, 12:47 pm

[quote="TomSpeed"] So, I think he takes good care of his hair.
I really don't think that he takes good care of his hair, his hair is not silky it's greasy.And you wanna know the sick thing about it?It's so damn hot. :D

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Post by Hunee » Oct 24th 2003, 10:17 am

I think he looks good either way but in the episode dancing in the dark he just looks so cute in all his scenes... :wink:
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Re: hair

Post by MarsJunkie » Oct 31st 2003, 1:02 am

crimsonglowgurl wrote:I think the length in the last few episodes is perfect. Definitely hawt and screams "I play guitar".
I definitely agree! With longer hair, he looks more like the type of guy your parents never wanted you to date, that guy that did everything his own way in his own time, which is exactly what he is. I think the longer hair gives just another subtle hint of the "loner" that Jordan really is.
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Catalano's Hair

Post by Guest » Oct 31st 2003, 5:05 pm

It definitely looked the best in "Self-Esteem" when he walked down the hall at the end. It is too short in the pilot for Jordan Catalano, but his clothes, everything wasn't quite Jordan-esque at that point (notice how in the later episodes he no longer leans against stuff with his eyes closed?). Anyway, in "In Dreams" his hair is way too long, but more than that, it is oily. Not his best look. But Jordan is just too cool to get a hair cut. And anyway, any look is better than the pineapple look he sports in Fight Club.


Post by Guest » Oct 31st 2003, 5:07 pm

In fight club he looks horrible!!! ewww he has bleached blonde hair and he also dyed his eyebrows...

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Post by north_Star98 » Oct 31st 2003, 11:52 pm

for me i twas totally dependent on the time and the style of that age. i remember loving jordan's hair when it was longer in mscl and when I saw it was short in a picture in seventeen magazine i couldnt' believe it. i thought it was horrid! and that went with most guys back in 94. i loved the longer hair...the one that kind of curls at the ends when you tuck it behind the jordan's. ethan hawke in reality bites...yeah.

and now...i love jared leto with short hair. and i do prefer shorter hair as opposed to longer hair. just the change of times. i got used to a different style and moved with it i guess. who knows what i'll like 10-15 years from now! hehe


Post by Whatever » Nov 2nd 2003, 2:25 pm

I didn't like his long hair.It was to greasy.But I guess he's also to cool to actually wash his hair. :lol:

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Jared vs Jordan

Post by emmie » Dec 11th 2003, 11:46 pm

well, I will agree that Jared Leto hardly ever has a bad hair day. even when it's bad, he's still very sexy. but as far as the character of Jordan Catalano is concerned, I believe the long hair is better. as many others have pointed out, he just looks too preppy and popular in the pilot. as the show wears on, his look begins to fit his character's personality much better. he's doing the whole I'm-cool-and-in-a-band-so-I-don't-have-to-care-about-my-hair hair style. it works.



Post by *Barbie* » Jan 3rd 2004, 8:40 pm

I love it long

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Jordan's Hair Length

Post by chaseface888 » Jan 17th 2004, 9:43 pm

I love long hair, its so sexy, but only on guys who can pull it off, Like Jared Leto for example
An interesting thing to bring up as an aside and after discussing Jordan looking feminine with long hair, sorry to go off topic a little... I had been taught, read or heard (it was probably brought up in one of my drawing classes or maybe a home discussion) that a lot of the male celebrities and models that are typically attractive for (American) women have feminine characteristics, like more delicate features.. To name a few: Ryan Philippe, Brad Pitt, Leonardo Dicaprio, even Jared Leto. I could probably name more.. but I'm having issues thinking of any.
I myself never found Leonardo Dicaprio that attractive, but I definately agree with Brad Pitt, Ryan Philippe and Jared Leto. I would like to add Orlando Bloom, and say that Johnny Depp is the epitime of delicate features that look very attractive
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Post by Guest » Feb 24th 2004, 3:29 pm

Hello, :-P

I have got to say Meduim length, part of his sexiness was his hair. It was tad bit too short in the pilot, but a tad bit too long in the last episodes. I liked it during the Halloween episode.

*But I would take him anyway I could get him! :P

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Post by msclrules » Mar 1st 2004, 5:30 pm

i think he looked super hot in the commercial where he had the short hair, but when i saw online videos of him with long hair, i felt like puking...


Post by Guest » Mar 2nd 2004, 6:21 am

msclrules wrote:i think he looked super hot in the commercial where he had the short hair, but when i saw online videos of him with long hair, i felt like puking...
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