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Re: Discussion for Episode 13: Pressure

Post by Superjesus » Jul 15th 2011, 4:27 am

It was actually a research project where I interviewed 200 kids between 13 and 18, and 200 adults between 24 and 29 (in 2007) to get my findings (100 men and 100 women for each).

My hypothesis hadn't factored in other options - in fact, it had simply been that the 24-29 group were not having sex when they were teenagers as those who are today were.

What I actually found was that more of the older group had (or admitted to having) sex during their teenage years, but stuff like oral sex was far less widely spread.

It wasn't a perfect study by any means - I only got a B- for the paper - but it was interesting. If I still had it I would post it here or link it.

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Re: Discussion for Episode 13: Pressure

Post by Jody Barsch* » Jul 15th 2011, 6:05 am

Superjesus wrote:The concept just feels kinda dated to me. ... I don't know. I just find this whole episode very Nineties (not necessarily in a bad way, because I love the 90s even though I was a kid at the time) in its approach to sex and intimacy.
Wow, that's totally interesting to hear. I don't know what else to say ...
Superjesus wrote:Admitted, the options in between were probably not as widely used in those pre-internet days - but Catalano surely has watched porn at some point in his life. You're telling me that it wouldn't even occur to him to suggest an option like oral sex if he can see Angela isn't keen on going the whole way? (Or, for that matter, it didn't occur to Rayanne, who is also probably knowledgable on such matters, to give her best friend some similar advice once she realizes that Angelika is a little freaked about complete sex?).
The part about the internet confused me at first (here's an image I don't want in my head -- Angela Chase sexting) before I read on and saw to what you referred, and then it made me laugh. You don't need the internet or pornography to know about oral sex -- you didn't in the Nineties, Shakespeare didn't, Chaucer didn't, certainly Jordan Catalano wouldn't. Anyway, I don't know that that would have helped the situation, it may have freaked her out more.

On another note, I think certain kids jumping from kissing to "complete sex" is as timeless as low self-worth, and/or alcohol.
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