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Post by Mdanner423 » Mar 29th 2003, 10:25 pm


I was thinking, we should all put our heads together and come up with this REALLY cool t-shirt. So what we could do is design, together, the template then if possible have them availble for download for use with those HP iron ons? What do you guys think?

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Post by Mdanner423 » Mar 29th 2003, 10:28 pm

and we could do several ones, ones to go on black shirts, one to go on whites, there are alot of cool things we could do.

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Post by Mdanner423 » Mar 30th 2003, 12:56 am

or maybe im the only one who thinks this is a good idea lol

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Post by Nostradamus » Mar 30th 2003, 1:40 am

I've no idea what technical work that would entail, but as long as it stays non-profit I don't see any legalities preventing it...

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Post by Sascha » Mar 30th 2003, 7:14 am

Yeah, nice idea. A black t-shirt with just a few quotes from the show in white letters would be cool - but I don't know whether those "Do-It-Yourself" HP thingies actually can produce *white* letters on black background. I think even those semi-professional copy shops (where you can buy t-shirts with a self-made logo) don't offer that kind of printing.

You can find lots of images in our pictures section.

There are some images of older MSCL t-shirts at

I someone can really come up with a great logo/design, we could also think about coffeemugs and mousepads - but we can't use any copyrighted material for this.

BTW: I moved this topic to the "Site Feedback" forum.

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Post by crimsonglowgurl » May 11th 2003, 7:13 pm

i love the idea of a black t shirt with some of the best quotes in white on it!! and a coffee mug would kick some ass too...but arent those iron on things kinda poor quality? it comes off or melts or whatever??? hmm, plus all that work of downloading and getting the special supplies...hehe

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