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Post by starbug » Mar 26th 2003, 11:27 am

Excuse me for being slushy... I've had a bit to drink and you know, this always engenders feelings of affection for people, at least in my case :!:

I just want to say, in a non-gushy way of course, that I think this is the best forum I've visited, and has remained so over the time I've known about it.

:D :D :D :D :D

So, in a world where so many people hate each other, it's truly refreshing to know that there is a community I can visit where I know people may disagree or agree with what I say but that they will never get personally abusive about it.

Thank you - all of you.



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Natasha (candygirl) Team Team
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Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Mar 26th 2003, 2:29 pm

I second that emotion!

This is a wonderful forum, and I can't say enough how much I appreciate all that has gone into making it such a great place, from the initial conception to the fantastic administrators to the incredible members. I love this place!

Natasha aka candygirl ::

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Post by Megs » Mar 26th 2003, 5:23 pm

Word. I love this place and all you guys! *sniff*

This forum is by far the most relaxed, open, friendly, honest, and fun board I have ever visited. Excellent board and excellent posters!

"I have all these dreams where I know exactly what to say. And you tell me, you know, that you forgive me."

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Post by fnordboy » Mar 26th 2003, 7:15 pm


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Post by TomSpeed » Mar 27th 2003, 12:40 am

I have to agree with you. This is a fantastic forum. :thumpup:

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Post by K-man » Mar 27th 2003, 1:20 pm

Mega Dittos!!!!!!!!! This is the only forum I visit. Well; at least the only one I visit regularly and post in.
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Post by SanDeE* » Mar 27th 2003, 11:18 pm

The only other two forums I look at are the ones at and, but I'm not registered there...yet at least. I used to drive my (now ex) boyfriend crazy looking at this site last year after I found it. The Internet is an amazing thing. This community is always warm and welcoming, and there are always pretty interesting, fun, or insightful conversations going on. I really love it! I think it's weird, though, that I haven't seen any faces, but I feel like I kind of know some personalities here. Weird, but in the cool way. Anyone else feel this way too?
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great forum

Post by lance » Mar 28th 2003, 10:44 am


Thanks for this thread. This forum represents a great community of exceptional people. The people behind the colorful Avatars represent the very best of humanity. I have been repeatedly struck by the compassion, intelligence, wit and caring expressed at various times by the members of the MSCL forum community. I remain grateful to be a small part of this community.

Thanks guys,

Lance Man

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Post by starbug » Mar 28th 2003, 11:17 am

I'm glad everyone values this place in the same way I do :)

I think the internet is so full of rubbish that it's sometimes hard to look at it - this place is definitely the exception to the rule.

I echo Candygirl's sentiments regarding the administrators and creators - 'Without lamps, there'd be no light.'


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Topic split

Post by Sascha » Mar 30th 2003, 7:50 am

The Breakfast Club deserves his own topic and the postings have gone there:

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Re: Slush

Post by Jody Barsch* » Sep 28th 2013, 1:49 pm

I know not a lot of the old regulars come by a lot anymore, and the activity here's not what it once was, but this has been an incredibly active site for so so many years, and I do love it and the people and the administrators here. I love MSCL, I also love this site. It was a wonderful introduction for me into the social side of the Internet, and really has set the bar for thoughtful, friendly, playful, and respectful interactions. Just dropped by to check-in and say hi. :sunshine:
Sometimes I write a little MSCL fanfiction:
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Re: Slush

Post by seanjones » Oct 5th 2013, 8:44 pm

Hi. I love MSCL and i love stopping by here for old times sake. This site has been brilliant for me throughout the years of my MSCL obsession. Oh well, i wish more people posted here.

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Re: Slush

Post by Bacchante » Oct 17th 2013, 3:42 am

Hey seanjones,

We may not post a lot, but we're around ;) One is never alone in one's MSCL obsession/appreciation! :)
"I know you think, how could someone like me understand. Only, I do."

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pgh kenny
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Re: Slush

Post by pgh kenny » Nov 27th 2013, 11:36 am

Agreed we are around for life. I can't wait until my kids are old enough to watch the episodes with me... and to tell them about how we had to mount an EPIC FIGHT to get our hands on those DVDs and lunch box. They'll have no idea since now there are whole catalogs of TV shows on NETFLIX.

I still dream of some type of a meet-up. I dropped the ball on small one a few years back. It would be super to get a room in a restaurant, and project up a few of the best episodes. Like at one east coast and one west coast location at the same night... surely there must be someone that owns a restaurant that shares our love of this show!

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