Discussion for Episode 9: Halloween

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Re: Discussion for Episode 9: Halloween

Post by Mutajon » Jul 31st 2011, 9:58 am

Superjesus wrote: "So? For you, all I need to do is take that stupid Kings jersey you wear all the time and wear it with my own jeans, one of yr hats and wear it backwards, slouch everywhere, drop an F-bomb every second word and constantly talk about how great I am."

I'm disturbed how well she gets me.
:lol: !
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Re: Discussion for Episode 9: Halloween

Post by Superjesus » Jul 31st 2011, 10:31 pm

I can't help being awesome, I just want to share it with the rest of the world.

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Re: Discussion for Episode 9: Halloween

Post by JasonM » Oct 21st 2011, 4:20 pm

First off, I posted a new thread earlier about a review my wife and I did for this episode on our blog where my wife & I review Holiday episodes. I posted in another thread, I'll post it here too:

http://holidayfilmreviews.blogspot.com/ ... oween.html

I've got some reactions/observations to some of the comments here:

Re Sharon's costume being out of character for her:that's what Halloween is all about, right? Just like Angela says in the intro. She can be an exhibitionist once a year.

Brian & Jordan's lack of costumes:

Brian is in a weird place in school and life right now. He wants to be seen as "mature", so wearing a costume could prevent that from happening. Based on what we know about his parents, one (or both) of them would likely frown upon him wearing a Halloween costume.

He's picked on by jocks & other bullies (as we see in the pilot and the opening credits). He's also picked on by outsiders like Rayanne. So wearing a costume could likely result in more ridicule from all sides.

Also, Brian's "costume" is that he's a "rebelious kid" for Halloween. Rickie is wearing Brian's clothes, he does the "good kid" thing and takes off when Rayanne wants to break into Liberty. Brian breaks into the school, he takes Rickie's place in the Angela/Rayanne/Rickie trio. Even as he cautions Angela, he breaks the law and (possibly worse in his mind) violates school rules!

I'm guessing Jordan wouldn't participate in Halloween for the same reason he wouldn't go to the World Happiness Dance. It's just not part of his world and/or he sees himself as "too cool" to wear a costume. The "aresholes"(as starbug called them) he hangs out with on Halloween would likely make fun of him, and he couldn't handle that. Being seen as tough or macho (or thinking of he is) is one of the only things he has going for him in life.

In my review I linked to, I give special props to AJ Langer and Devon Gummersall. I love those scenes of them in the basement, some of my favorite scenes in the entire series. Even if Rayanne is lying about being locked in the basement, she confides in Brian about her father never coming home. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't recall her talking about her father prior to this scene (it's been a few years since I watched the whole series).

The scene with Rickie & Jordan was great too.

I see where some of you don't like the "magic" aspects of 'Halloween'. For a long time I felt the same way, that "ghosts" have no place in a show that's supposed to be "like, real" (as the characters might say). But this year, after re-watching it for the season, I figure, it's Halloween, anything can happen in a Halloween episode, even on MSCL.

But I did find the "Angela/Jordan/Nicky Driscoll" story to be less interesting than the "Rayanne/Brian", "Patty/Graham" and "Sharon/Danille" storylines. And with Angela off on her own for the second half, this episode is a nice reminder of what a great ensemble cast MSCL featured.

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Re: Discussion for Episode 9: Halloween

Post by Kbranagh » Jul 10th 2020, 7:44 am

Sooo i'm in the middle of the season, i'm going to fast, i must slow down, this show it's too precious :D

It was an ok episode, i liked it but...for the first time we are not at the top like in the previous episodes! The writer Jill Gordon in my opinion works better with a dramatic material like with the amazing "Strangers in The House"(what a masterpiece), here in this episode half comedy and half gothic-surreal something is missing, some strong emotional ground like in a normal episode of "My So Called Life" i appreciated in any case the attemp to try different things and change constantly the tone of the show.

The most fun stuff from the episode is the subplot dedicated to Danielle, all the gags with the imitations of Angela are hilarious and perfect!!!
"Mom, Sharon Chersky and I exist in, like, two different worlds, okay? I can't just hand her a dish, okay. I mean, it's just not that simple"
More space to Danielle, more space to Danielle!! :-P

In the first half of the season, Brian has try to fix Angela in more than one occasion, now Angela start to do the same thing with Jordan, what a fun dynamic. She really cares about him, because Jordan continue to treat her in a shitty way for the most part.
During this episode and the previous there are mentioned many legends/people who dying young or too early ( Nicky Driscoll, Kurt Cobain, Anne Frank) i wondered if Winnie Holzman and the writers knew or expected that the characters and the show they would have meet the same fate

Grade: B-
"Or something'

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