Tom Irwin & Lisa Waltz in Innocent Victims (1996)

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Tom Irwin & Lisa Waltz in Innocent Victims (1996)

Post by Nostradamus » Feb 23rd 2003, 2:16 am

I just saw Tom Irwin and Lisa Waltz in "Innocent Victims" on the TRUE channel. This was a 1996 made-for-TV movie based on a real-life case of murder and subsequent false conviction.

Tom and Lisa's performances were both quite similar to their MSCL characters, with Tom as the clean-cut attorney and Lisa once again playing the "other woman" with a southern accent.

Other notable casting includes Hal Holbrook, Rue McClanahan, a post-Northern Exposure John Corbett, and a pre-NYPD Blue Rick Schroder.

All in all, a pretty good mystery (especially by TV-movie standards) with a rare sighting of two MSCL alums in one place.

IMDB listing here.

NOTE: Many of the secondary cast members, including Lisa Waltz, aren't on the IMDB cast, but she was unmistakable in the movie.
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