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Hey! Well I just wanted to say I just found this fanfic and I've just finished reading it! It's truly amazing, I really loved it! Thanks for this story :)

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sorry , that was pretty bad

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TomSpeed wrote:I'm probably going to need to get a book or two on screenwriting. I'm not really sure how much description I should give to scenes. Right now, I'm focusing almost totally on dialogue. I'm more used to writing prose, short stories and 2 or 3 unfinished novels. What writer doesn't have 2 or 3 unfinished novels lying around? Anyway, here is another installment.

Part Five -- To Whom Can You Talk?

Location: Chase house, morning. Angela and Sharon are in Angela’s bedroom.

Sharon – You could have RSVP’d. Coordinating a Reunion is not an easy thing to do.

Angela – I was not even sure I was going to come until last week.

Sharon – The invitations were sent months ago. Many people responded right away.

Angela – I know. Part of me did not want to come. Reunions are not really my kind of thing. It’s like people have to act like they are someone else. They have to act like they have changed in some way.

Sharon – You have changed. I mean you’ve changed fundamentally. You moved away from home. You got a few degrees. You teach. You write.

Angela – Stop it. You make me seem like some type of super hero. I haven’t changed that much. (Angela pauses for few seconds) I called Jordan last night.

Sharon – You did not call him. Angela, what in the hell were you thinking? It seems like you have an unhealthy attraction to that man. He ruined your high school years. He ruined half of your college years. You go away for months at time. You avoid your family and friends. Then, you seek him out after how long? Three years?

Angela – I didn’t seek him out. I called him. It doesn’t hurt to call him.

Sharon – It does hurt to call him. Calling him will lead to seeing him. Seeing him could lead to something else. Next thing you know, you will be kicking yourself for starting all of this mess over again. But, you are not going to listen to what I have to say about Jordan. So, I’m not even going to discuss him anymore. However, I think you should talk to someone. Maybe you could talk to Graham or Patty?

Angela – I don’t think they could be much help. Plus, it would make them feel too good about themselves. They always tell me to come to them when I feel like I need to talk. I think that is part of their master plan for controlling my life.

Sharon – They don’t want to control your life. They want to help you live it. Maybe you should call Brian?

Angela – No one seems to know where Brian is these days. I talked to his parents a month or so ago.

Sharon – You talked to Brian’s parents? Are you insane? Well, if you talked to Brian’s parents, since they are both shrinks, you might be insane.

Angela – I’m not totally insane.

Angela VO* -- Not totally insane. Did I admit I was partially insane? What is insane anyway? Partial insanity? It was insanity to decide to come to the reunion.

Sharon -- Maybe you should go see Rickie?

Angela – Rickie? You cannot be serious.

Sharon – Yes, I am serious. Anyway, isn’t Rickie supposed to help people? You need help. You can’t go around calling men who are bad for you.

Sharon – Well, you should talk to Rickie.

Angela – I’ll think about it.

Edit -- 03/05/03 -- Changed some dialogue between Angela and Sharon. Changed Angela VO* to present tense.
sorry, i like hate it, 2many flazhbackz that make hardly any sence, and a renion? i dont think that like goes with everything it like doesnt fit or whatever, and nathan? who in the world is he?? and brian is like a writter or whatever? why would he be a writter... ur better off like u know making a tv show about what happend like re-making my so-called life and uknow like makeing more episodes after the origional ones where re-acted out ... or whatever just a thought
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