A Warning About Ebay E-mails

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A Warning About Ebay E-mails

Post by GaryEA » Feb 10th 2003, 1:45 pm

Hi there,

This morning I received what looked like an authentic Ebay e-mail with the subject line "Security Update." (yes, there's a period in the subject line). It looked authentic, with the logo and background graphics they always use.

However, I checked Ebay and it turns out that it's a total fraud. Entering your info does not go to Ebay, but one of two current scam pages that are harvesting account info. The info then gets altered and then sold, leaving you to pay the bill of auctions you never started.

I'm not sure if any or all of you use Ebay, but I thought you might want to know. Don't use the form!

As you were.

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Post by lance » Feb 10th 2003, 2:49 pm


Thanks for the update, I will pass on the warning.


Lance Man

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