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Post by Guest » Jan 3rd 2001, 3:19 pm

I read somewhere that there was a episode 20 that had been written for the show but has not yet been released. Is their any truth in this rummour???

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Re: Episode20

Post by worldsapart » Jan 15th 2001, 9:46 am

The only thing I can think is that maybe you heard about the book My So-Called Life Goes On....I assume you can still buy it through amazon (though if I were you I wouldn't bother- stick to the fan fiction on this page).


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Re: Episode20

Post by richard » Jan 15th 2001, 12:32 pm

Winnie Holzmann wan asked to write a new episode on the off chance that it might be produced while the show was on Hiatus. She refused as she was already tied up with new, definate projects and could not afford the time it woud take to develope episodes that in all probability would never be made.

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