I'm from Holland, where can I buy the dvd online in € euro's

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I'm from Holland, where can I buy the dvd online in € euro's

Post by Dutch-girl » Jan 23rd 2003, 9:12 pm

Does anybody know where I can buy the dvd collection in euro's?
On which site?

Is there anybody from a country where they buy in euro's, who has bought the dvd's online?

Thanks so much! :P

Can't wait to buy them, haven't seen MSCL for about 6/7 years :cry:

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Post by MadMichael » Jan 23rd 2003, 11:38 pm

Check the FAQ http://www.mscl.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1387, one of the on-line retailers listed is in Germany and sells in Euros...look for "Where to buy the MSCL DVD?"...good luck...
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Post by MovieMac » Jan 24th 2003, 1:17 am

Hey Dutch-girl,

actually I don't really get, why you need a retailer charging in euros. Since you are in the Netherlands you'll have to pay with a credit card anyway, so currency doesn't really matter. The one German retailer, who is charging in euro is extremely expensive compared to DeepDiscountDVD for example. If you are looking for a shop located in Europe you might want to try THIS SHOP(FutureEnt.com) from the U.K., but of course they are charging in pounds, price is about 100 Euro (incl. shipping).

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