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This forum is for questions/discussions about the now sold out first DVD box set by BMG / AnotherUniverse.
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Contact: section for DVD related downloads

Post by Sascha » Jan 11th 2003, 10:00 am

We just added a new section to for fan-made DVD extras like new DVD subtitles or (upcoming) DVD Covers.

The first item is the finished "commentary pop-up" subtitle file for Episode 1.

Download it here.

Check out our DVD bonus interview transcript (for the 2002 BMG DVD release).

If you have other "fan-made-DVD-extras" related stuff and want to share it with other MSCL fans, just send me an email.
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Post by Jim » Jan 11th 2003, 11:04 am


You're a genius! I just tried this, and I was able to get the program downloaded, installed and running in minutes...and it works!

Thanks a lot for doing this. I can't wait to see similar commentary tracks for the other episodes, too. :D

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Post by lance » Jan 13th 2003, 11:44 am


Very cool.

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