Alternate Ending to "In Dreams Begin Responsibilities&a

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Alternate Ending to "In Dreams Begin Responsibilities&a

Post by CDOGG » Dec 30th 2002, 9:07 pm

My So-Called Life
Alternate Ending To
“In Dreams Begin Responsibilities”
Episode 19

“Want to know something really laughable?” Rayanne Graff sat on the window sill in the girl’s bathroom. Sharon Cherski had just walked in, “I have no friends.”
She jumped off the window sill, and began, “I mean, Angela Chase—”
Suddenly, a red haired girl walked into the bathroom and looked straight at Rayanne. “What about me.” It was Angela Chase. Her backpack fell.
“I was, uhh…leaving.” Rayanne started to move and Angela gasped. Her mouth collapsed and she began bawling.
Rayanne walked over and Angela embraced her. Sharon stood to the side, next to the sink. She looked at them. Enviously, like, she wanted to be part of their group. Sharon strode over and joined the hug.
Now, all three girls were crying, together. “I screwed up, Angela.” Rayanne’s bottom lip quivered as she broke the hug. “I didn’t…you know, want to hurt you.”
Angela smiled and flicked her hair back. She grabbed her backpack and walked out of the bathroom.
“You do have friends.” Sharon smiled at Rayanne, who smiled back. They left the room together.

It’s funny how one day can change your entire outlook on, like, everything. Rayanne Graff…is a true friend. Angela thought, sitting in the passenger seat of her father’s car. He was going to some meeting for his restaurant, And Sharon Cherski…she’s just Sharon.
The car pulled into the parking lot and Angela got out. “Good luck, with the meeting thing. Don’t burn anything.” Angela grinned as she stepped out of the car and shut the door. The window was rolled down.
“I won’t.” Her father drove away and Angela walked into the apartment complex and scaled the stairs. Mr. Katimski’s was Room 24A. Which was on the second floor or something.

At Angela’s house, the doorbell rang. Patty Chase, Angela’s beautiful mother, opened the door. On the other side stood a tall teenager. Maybe 18 or 19. He had shoulder-length brown hair and clear skin.
“Is Angela home?”

Delia Fischer stood inside Mr. Katimski’s, talking to Rickie Vasquez. Angela opened the door.
“Can we accept checks and stuff?” Delia asked her crush. Rickie was holding a big manila envelope.
“Here’s the info.” Rickie handed her a bunch of papers as he turned around, seeing Angela, he ran over. “Glad you could make it.”
“Me too.” Angela hugged him for a second. She started to walk away.
“Listen, Angela,” Rickie began, “I heard about you and Rayanne.” Angela stopped and turned around. She looked angry for a second, “I’m glad.”
“Me, too.” Angela sniffled and forced a smile.
Mr. Katimski entered from another room to answer some kids questions. He stood at the table and took fire at the questions. “You’re reading them wrong. It is right on Greako and left on Madison.”
“It says left on Greako, left on Madison!” yelled one of the kids, Mr. Katimski sighed.
“Forget the tickets! Let’s go out for pizza.” Mr. Katimski said amidst the roar from the kids.
“Can I get a ride home?” Angela asked her English teacher who simply nodded. Suddenly there was a shuffle and the room was almost empty.
Rickie and Delia were the only two left in the room. Delia was trying to zip up a jacket and Rickie whispered that he would be down to Mr. Katimski and walked over to the girl.
“My zipper won't work.” Delia said sweetly to Rickie, who bent down and clicked to two pieces of zipper together and pulled the tab halfway up.
“Delia? Do you want to, you know? Go somewhere sometime?” Rickie asked as his eyes focused from the table to Delia’s face.
She smiled and nodded, looking over a paper, Rickie looked away for a second, then back at her, “You know, like a movie or something?”
Delia grinned and said, “I’d like that a lot, Rickie.”
“I really think we would…be good together.” Rickie mumbled as he stepped aside to grab something from a separate table. Delia’s eyes widened as she caught onto what he was saying. She walked over to him.
She looked confused and asked, “But…aren’t you gay?”
There was a pause, a lapse in the conversation as Rickie stammered his next words. Delia apologized loudly, “Oh, I’m sorry. That came out so rudely. I can be so stupid sometimes!”
“I’m—I’m—I’m not, you know, t-t-t-the G word…I’m…” Rickie stuck his teeth into his bottom lip, blood dripping into his mouth… “b-b—”
“Don’t say anything. I know what you mean.” Delia put her hand on his shoulder and smiled. He looked up from the ground and looked into her eyes.
He moved his head closer to hers and…they kissed. Suddenly, the door opened and Mr. Katimski stepped in. Rickie jumped 5 feet backwards.
“GEE WHIZ! Are you coming?” Mr. Katimski asked. Rickie nodded and Mr. Katimski left.
“Your mouth…it tastes like blood.” Delia whispered. Rickie whispered back, “Let’s go.” He took her hand and they walked out the door together.

Jordan sat at the counter eating a sandwich and drinking milk. He finished the glass and Mrs. Chase walked up.
“Want more?” she asked, holding the jug. She poured more and put the bottle down. “From what you say, I understand that you never really meant to hurt her. It was just something that happened.”
“I need her.” Jordan gulped the last bit of the peanut butter sandwich and sat there. “Do you always wear that much makeup?”
Mrs. Chase grinned. She was embarrassed, “I was expecting company. He…got sick, or something."
“You know, I have this philosophy…” Jordan began.

Mr. Katimski’s car pulled up and Angela got out. She whispered her thank you and shut the door. The car drove away.
In the back, Delia was sitting next to Rickie. Delia was smiling happily. Rickie looked over toward her.
“Delia,” he started, “I did something wrong.”
“Huh?” Delia looked over, surprised.
“I’m gay.” He whispered. Delia closed her eyes forcefully and opened them again. She hugged Rickie.
“I know.” She whispered as the car pulled up the pizza place and they all stepped out. “I needed to have a crush on someone where it wouldn’t hurt as much. You’re a great person, Rickie Vasquez.”

Angela saw Jordan Catalano’s car parked in front of her house. She rolled her eyes and walked forward a few steps.
Brian Krakow rode by on his bicycle and Angela called, “Brian? Brian look at me.”
He halted his bike. Angela continued, “Brian. About that letter I told you about. Did you write it? Because, Rickie said you did.”
“What he means, probably, is that I, like, proofread it for grammatical—” he was cut off.
“You proofread a love letter? Is this like a game to you?” Angela looked at him nastily.
"Hardly." Brian rolled his eyes.
“So, you’re admitting you were involved.” Angela blinked.
“I’m not admitting anything!” Brian yelled.
“You’re kidding me! I can’t believe I fell for it, it’s obviously a total lie!”
“No, I meant every word.” Brian said. Angela paused. She looked at him, he looked at her… “I mean, whoever wrote it probably—”
“I didn’t—”
“Brian, you said…”
“FORGET WHAT I SAID! Forget this whole conversation.”
“How?” Angela whispered. Brian looked up and Angela leaned closer. She lightly placed her lips to his, he kissed her back. They kissed for a few seconds, but it felt like eternity.
They broke the kiss and he said, “So, you liked it…it made you, like happy?”
Angela nodded, a tear falling down her face, he wiped it away, “It did.”
“That’s probably all that mattered…”
“To who?” another tear cascaded Angela’s soft skin.
“To whoever wrote it.”
Jordan walked up and said, “Angela?”
She turned around, “Hey.”
Jordan walked closer, “Hi, brain.”
“Hi…hey…” Brian responded.
“Want to go? Your mom said it’s okay…” Jordan asked Angela, touching her hair.
The two walked away. “See you, brain.” Jordan said as he got in the car.
“See you?” Brian yelled as the car turned on. The engine roared hot as a tear of that temperature fell down his cheek, “See you!? Is this a game to you, Angela?! Jordan!? You are so hypocritical!” Brian walked into the street, screaming at the car that zoomed off and turned left. Brian stood there. Alone.
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Others that I will do...

Extended ending: On The Wagon
Deleted scene: 1 for each? or just Pressure/Self-Esteem
Alternate ending: Weekend
Parody: Life of Briand
Extended ending: Guns and Gossip

Please suggest! Just put extended/alternate ending, parody, deleted scene, etc. with a brief descripiton of what happens.
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that was amazing-ly good that was awesome!!!!! and know what i hated so-called angels 2 , that episode was u know just like boring, but yeah i think angela and brian should ahve kissed in uknow the real episode!!! if they ever uknow re-made my so-called life it would be like so good like they could re-make all the original episodes and all the ones they would like creat or whatever, l8ter
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