Forcing myself not to see the last episode!

General discussion about the nineteen episodes of "My So-Called Life". Note: Our episode guide can be found here.
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Forcing myself not to see the last episode!

Post by Red Ketchup » Dec 28th 2002, 3:57 am

Hey all,

I have gotten the DVD box set, and the more I was watching the episodes, the more I restrained myself not to see them all to fast. Ya know....kinda like keeping myself fro seeing it all.

I mean, I was hooked on the 1st episode, and the more I was progressing in seeing them, the more I felt sad knowing that only a few episodes were done.

I am up to 17 now, I have got the DVD box set over a month ago, and I am deadly affraid to "end" it all.

Am I, like, seriously ill ? I think not, I do havea life, heck I have a very healthy professionnal and personnal life. But I just love good tv, I crave good tv like that.

Don't bash me for this but I was hooked on Felicity and before that PO5, and WAY before that The Wonder years.....funny thing...all of these TV series had voice over narration.

I never got to watch this tv serie when it aired, I live in a french city up north so, but I have known about this show for a long while and now seeing it is almost like meeting an old friend you have lost touch with.......or putting an old pair of shoes feels so right and safe.

I'm just being corny, but hey, when a TV show "grabs" you like it grabed me I just feel happy knowing that others are feeling some things too.

And is not just a TV never is.

Red !

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Post by Nostradamus » Dec 28th 2002, 7:34 am

Heh, you must not be as ill as I am, Red, because I'm only halfway through and I'm already getting that gloomy "The End Is Near" feeling in the pit of my stomach. :cry:

I keep thinking of Joss Whedon's Mutant Enemy logo at the end of Buffy season two: "Oh! I need a hug!" :wink:
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Post by Megs » Dec 28th 2002, 12:14 pm

I don't know. I kind of know what you mean. But I couldn't wait to get through them all. Now I constantly re-watch them. I love it. Although, I can never pick which one to watch again. It's so hard, I love them all! It's usually Self-Esteem or Life of Brian. I am thinking of re-watching them all from the beginning.
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Post by GaryEA » Dec 28th 2002, 5:20 pm

(snaps fingers) I've got it!

The reason why you go through the shows eluded me, but then I thought about something you said in passing - all of your favorite shows have voice over narration.

Could it be that maybe, just maybe, that the shows that use v.o. narration use subliminal messages? (i. e.; "You must watch the next episode... you must watch the next episode...")

In doing this, they got people to tune in for the next episode, but now that we've got the whole show in a box, we just sit there like maniacs, watching episode after episode...

What do you think? :D


p.s. Honestly, I think you're watching because it's that damn good. Consider it a guilty pleasure and pop in the next disc!

p.p.s. "And is not just a TV never is."

So true... so true...

Red Ketchup
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Thanks Gary EA !

Post by Red Ketchup » Dec 29th 2002, 6:10 am

Yeah, Voice Over narration has this "je ne sais quoi" that makes these shows grab your soul and hold it firm.

You know, the way I see it, everybody has lived through to some degree of accuracy some of the events shown in these tv shows. And the narration is just like a 3rd person introspective way of showing you that ..well.. you are not alone...others have experienced this and it's quite ok to act like this

So you have Angela going through a tough part of her life, discovering new ways of being hurt by someone she cares about, it's always like that, you get hurt by people who are supposed to love or at least care about'nt it ironic ?

So you hear her thoughts, you follow her steps in her analysis of what is going on, you find that you lived this once before, or live it now. It is so true it makes you smile in the shadows of your living room, enough that you almost turn aside looking for that imaginery person that might be watching you going like "What the hell is he or she smiling about ?"

Often I have seen critics, well criticize heavily about putting V.O. in shows or movies, as if putting V.O. was almost like saying "Hey you the public, you're so dumb that we already know you ain't gonna get our universal truth that we're putting V.O. to make sure you get it"

This is crapola, V.O. is great, it's not about dumb public or anything, it's about taking a moment to reflect on what is going many times in a day do you stop yourself and actually SEE and FEEL time passing by as you think freely about this or that ? Not enough I'd say.

Ah well...... The Wonder Years, MSCL and Felicity were most certainly highlights in my TV life that I fear I ain't going to see for a long while.

Was it because of narration ? Not only that of course, but these TV writers who are brave enough to incorporate this vital element in drama shows and are able to get away with it deserve my respect in full.

Are we that old already that we ramble about nothing and anything about past shows that were making us remember our youth ? Well....maybe.... I don't know, sometimes I feel like hope of seeing good quality shows is the only thing that makes me beleive that quality on TV is not dead yet.

Red !

P.S. Arhg...I'll go and listen to Juliana's Make it Home song for the milionth time, I don't know, it makes me smile in the shadows of my living room.

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Post by crimsonglowgurl » Dec 29th 2002, 5:19 pm

I too was a big fan of Felicity and Party of Five and the Wonder Years....Im seeing a pattern among all of us Lifers!!! :P Oh and how I miss these shows so!


watch them all again

Post by shorty » Jan 4th 2003, 8:28 pm

hey if you get sad after all the episodes are finished... watch them all again!! I guarantee you will notice something new or different each time! I've probably seen each ep 20 times over, and even now I still notice little suprising things, so don't give up!!!!!

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