episodes after self-esteem

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episodes after self-esteem

Post by Guest » Dec 27th 2002, 10:54 pm

perhaps i shouldn't say after self-esteem, maybe the episode right before that (other peoples mothers)...didn't it seem that after that episode, when angela and jordan started to get more serious, that angela was made up prettier? i was just watching 'pressure' and it really looked like the creators of the show were trying to make her come off as more appealing because she was now involved w/ jordan. i don't know if this sounds weird or whatever, but i just kind of noticed it...maybe since she had finally gotten jordan, she felt the need to look better for him.

i also noticed that since angela was involved w/ jordan, her voice started to change...i dunno, i love how the climax of the series was their relationship, but it kind of took away from all of the great dialogue that existed before. it's kind of like the line from 'dancing in the dark' (is that hte name of it) like the 2nd epiosde, where angela is talking about how jordan is just her obsession and that if she makes it real, it might not even be her own anymore....i related that to the show. now that jordan and her are together, it almost seems like there's not muich more to anything. i'm kind of glad that they decided to get rid of the 'romantic' relationship, because then the show might not have been good anymore.

in another sense, i wish their relationship had continued..but i really do feel that it could've gotten boring if they had let it go any further...i still haven't watched 'betrayl' or 'resolutions' or 'on the wagon' ...'pressure' really had me in tears at the end...angela and jordan sharing what tehy'd miss about eachother was priceless.

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Post by Megs » Dec 28th 2002, 12:25 pm

I see what you mean. I could never relate to Angela getting her Jordan. I never got my Jordan. He was always my obession, not my reality. And, I liked it that way.

I also noticed how Angela looked prettier in Pressure. Especially in the car in the opening scene. But I just thought that was due to the fact that she was growing up and becoming a woman, however corny that sounds. I don't know if they did it on purpose, but who knows with this show. That's the great thing, because every look, every word, every scene means something.
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Post by SanDeE* » Dec 28th 2002, 7:58 pm


You always look prettier... nay, beautiful when you're in love! (Oh that's just so sappy I think I'll cry :wink: ! My Jordan (of 4.5 years!) just started to give me a little attention, and I'm just like a giddy little school girl! :D :D Nothing is going to happen, though, unfortunately(?). We live in different cities. Perhaps...someday...(cue music):P
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she does look different

Post by maddy » Jan 2nd 2003, 6:25 pm

I agree that Angela begins to look different as the show goes through the season, but everybody looks different. Patty cuts here hair, Ricky changes his. By the end of it all Rayanne looks like normal. I don't think it had anything to do with her being with Jordan, I think that it just showed that she was like growing up. The show wasn't about Angela being the same, it was about her changing, everything. That includes what she looks like.

It makes me happy that she got Jordan, because it was like her dream, and she was able to make it her reality, and every girl wishes that she could do that. The show would not have been half of the show that it was if it weren't for Angela and Jordan. Jordan developed Angela's character. Like in Pressure when she decides that she isn't ready to have sex, that whole character development would have never happened if it weren't for him.

I love this show more than any other show, and I love everything about it. I am so glad that someone had the couarge to put real life on the screen, but sad that it couldn't stay there.

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