The Ataris - My So Called Life

Found a reference to "My So-Called Life" in a book, movie, tv show or somewhere else? Then post here!
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The Ataris - My So Called Life

Post by Bosewave » Dec 20th 2002, 3:31 pm

Has anyone heard this song before? Any thoughts?

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Post by JPP13 » Dec 20th 2002, 7:51 pm

Interesting, I had never heard OF it before, but I'm DL'ing it as we speak. I read up on the band at (the bible for such things) and liked what I heard. I'll report back.

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great song

Post by crimsonglowgurl » Dec 22nd 2002, 7:55 pm

ya i have the song, love it! :)

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Post by JPP13 » Dec 26th 2002, 8:13 pm

Everyone should check this song out. Musically, its in the realm of Green day/ Blink 182. Lyrically, the singer is explaining how he fell in love with Claire Danes, and her writes her everyday, but she never replys. :)

It sorta reminded me of Molly by Sponge.

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Post by Sascha » Oct 24th 2003, 6:41 am

Digging out an old topic:

There is an interview with Ataris where the Claire Danes Song is mentioned:
"So another thing we did was we always used to write these funny songs with silly lyrics, like our song about Claire Danes called 'My So Called Life,' and we made a conscious decision to not do those anymore and to focus on the more serious songs.",141 ... 58,00.html

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Post by Chase Cat » Oct 24th 2003, 8:36 am

Las Vegas weekly published an article in April about the band and their unsuccesfull trip of 1998 to hand out their CD with the song to Claire Danes:
Back in 1998, when they were a young indie-punk band that played VFW Halls and Elk Lodges, the Ataris released a tribute to Claire Danes called “My So-Called Life.” It was a sweet, funny song written from the viewpoint of a lovelorn fan, even though it kind of involved stalking and had a now-unfortunate part about hijacking an airplane. Now in 2003, now that the Ataris are on the radio and MTV, and drawing thousands of fans to shows, they still have strong feelings about Danes.

“I wish her well, but I wish she wasn’t such a bitch,” says bassist Mike Davenport. “I bet she’d be nice to us now, if we were on MTV and that song was a single. … We don’t even play it anymore. We don’t want anything to do with it.”

Let me explain. A few years ago, the Ataris went to a Ben Lee show hoping to see the Australian singer-songwriter’s girlfriend, Danes, which they did. They just wanted to say hi and give her a CD.

“We truly liked her at the time,” Davenport says. “She was like, ‘Get the f--k away from me. This is my boyfriend’s show, and I don’t want anybody to talk to me.’ She was such a f---ing bitch.”

The chilly reception upset the Ataris so much, they wrote an anti-Ben Lee song. Lyrics included “I’d love to kick you in the face, break your legs and throw you from a train” and the even more amusing “You better stay out of my town / ’Cause if I had my way / I’d call up Snoop, Ice Cube and Dr. Dre / We’d come and beat you down.”

A harsh, if somewhat jokey reaction, perhaps, but it was really just another day for a bunch of likable guys who would be good-natured if only girls would stop breaking their hearts...
Source: ... oise1.html
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good song

Post by MarsJunkie » Oct 31st 2003, 1:12 am

I heard The Ataris' song a few months ago and I think it is absolutely hilarious! It's cute and has a great beat! Love it!
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Post by xixamxkriztenx » Jan 9th 2004, 1:55 pm

:?: I heard a rumor that Ben Lee heard the song about Clare & threatened (eak, sp?) to beat the band up. Has anyone else heard this? Does anyone know if it's true?

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Post by tennisgirl55 » Jan 24th 2004, 2:31 pm

I've heard of the song, but haven't actually listened 2 it yet....

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