I'm in FRANCE!!!

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I'm in FRANCE!!!

Post by worldsapart » Sep 25th 2000, 8:38 am

I'm finally here! Hello all my fellow Europeans! Tee hee. The keyboard is weird...I can type fast but not here because the keys are in different places- ugh. But I just wanted to say hi and that while I may not get here often (I'm renting a spot at a computer for 5FF right now), I'm still here. =)


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Post by mia » Sep 25th 2000, 11:19 pm

Hope you have a FABULOUS time! Don't forget us, and keep us posted!

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Re: Bonjour!!!!!!!

Post by angelika » Sep 25th 2000, 11:41 pm

You made it!!! Hope you're having a wonderful time. Try not to forget us, amongst all of the excitement of France. Meet any beautiful European boys yet? :-) Take care!


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Re: Bonjour!!!!!!!

Post by emmie » Oct 5th 2000, 3:54 pm

did I tell you how envious I am?! hee hee. you are so lucky. I hope you are enjoying every second!! have a great time!!


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