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Jody Barsch

Post by Jody Barsch » Nov 16th 2003, 10:31 pm

As far as the use of his last name on the letter, it may just be that it sounded better to writers -- I think it is really effective to hear Brian say "Jordan Catalano."

Anyway, as to the last name issue, it is part of the unique vernacular of the show. Many of the characters use last names or full names. Often we hear "Sharon Chirsky" "Brian Krakow" "Delia Fisher" "Rayanne Graff" "Hallie Lowenthall" "Andy Chirsky" etc... (could lead to a whole other thread) My point being that it isn't just a Jordan Catalano thing.
Many make a good point that it sounds as though jordan and Angela don't know each other that well (other examples: Jordan does not know how to spell Angela, Jordan tells Rayanne sometimes he feels like he doesn't even know her). However, I think it also has to do with what a great sounding name he has. Some friends you just call by their full name, no matter how initmate we are, certain names just sound better certain ways. Also, I think that many of the times that Angela refers to Jordan as Jordan Catalano, it is part of her hero worship for him. Even though Jordan screws up majorily in several different ways, there is still this irreistable and undifineable quality about him that strongly appeals to Angela. While she does grow to know him as a real individual with flaws (just as he does with her -- the sonnet) rather than the cute boy who leans great and closes his eyes (Pilot) I would argue that those first impressions of him from afar never fully vanish.

I know people will disagree, there seem to be a lot of Jordan-Bashers out there.

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Post by MarsJunkie » Nov 18th 2003, 4:16 pm

Well said!
"He flopped on the floor uncontrollably, okay? Rickie had to hold down his tounge..."
"...And I wasn't even there!"

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