Something that has always plagued me RE Guns and Gossip

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Something that has always plagued me RE Guns and Gossip

Post by tino's little sister » Dec 12th 2002, 4:05 am

OK, this has bothered me since the first time I watched the show, many years ago. Was Ricky actually telling the truth about what happened with the gun? I have always wondered if I missed something there. Is this completely obvious, and is it like, so known, that Ricky lied to Angela about what really went down? Or is it just me? He still seemed so uneasy after Angela laughed and said, so that's the whole story of the gun. Help me out here. :roll:
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Post by Megs » Dec 12th 2002, 10:29 am

I watched Guns and Gossip last night. I think that he was telling the truth about the gun when he told Angela in the car. I think that he might have been uneasy still b/c Brian was going to tell everyone he did it, and even though that's what he wanted to seem dangerous, he still had to deal with the repercussions that were surely to come with having a gun (loaded) in school.
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