what episode is this line from?

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Frozen Embryo
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what episode is this line from?

Post by amandarock » Sep 29th 2000, 2:48 pm

there is this line that i remember that goes something like 'everyday glaciers move...(something something).... why cant he just talk to me' its anglea saying it about jordan.. its a voice over.. can someone help????

Jody Barsh
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Re: what episode is this line from????

Post by Odessam » Sep 29th 2000, 6:27 pm

It's from episode 7 ... can't recall the title :) right now but yeah
according to the script it goes like this

AngelaVO: Huge events take place on this Earth every day. Earthquakes,
hurricanes. Even glaciers move. So, why couldn't he just...look
at me?

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Re: what episode is this line from????

Post by Alee » Sep 30th 2000, 1:34 am

It's from Why Jordan Can't Read, right before he sings Red.

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