I know you aren't gonna believe me

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I know you aren't gonna believe me

Post by NsyncL4L » Aug 23rd 1999, 1:55 pm

I don't wanna hear ANYTHING about me lying are WHATEVER 'cause FRANKLY I don't care if you believe me or not but, hey. I posted earlier about meeting Jared Leto right? Okay well two days ago me and my 3 friends (including the one who had seen Jared with me before)were at the movies, watching Bowfinger. Well my friend (the one who had seen Jared w/ me) taps me after like 15 minutes and she points over to this guy a few rows over and she's like, "Hey, that looks like Jared Leto." I look and I'm like "......THAT IS JARED LETO!" NOT joking really why would I WOW what are the odds????? He's with a girl and when I look closely it is none other than Cameron Diaz. Me and my friend like freak out (the two guys we're with don't really care of course, they don't believe us) and we go outside to freak out. When we come back in we cross right in front of Jared and Cameron and he looks at Amber but we pretend not to see him lol. Throughout the movie (we can't concentrate on it now!) we glance over at him millions of times, a few times he kisses Cameron ugh but oh well and once in a while he/ Cameron looks at us. Me and my friend are like SOO nervous! Luckily Jared and Cameron decide to wait till after the credits to leave and don't leave early instead. The guys wait outside 'cause they're bored or whatever and me and Amber finally get to go up to them after everybody left. Jared was like, "Heyyy, I remember you guys..." hehe he's soo hot he was wearing black to be discrete I guess. Me and my friend got Cameron's autograph VERY VERY COOL!!! I told Cameron we waited till the end so we wouldn't draw attention and she was like "Thank you!" and touched my arm as she left. And the funny thing is after they left Jared put on a hat and Cameron didn't disguise herself, but two groups of people recognized JARED but not CAMERON! LOL well I'm sad today 'cause today is the last day of their filming here in Seattle. If you want me to send you the scanned autograph I will but if you didn't believe me then you probably think I forged it or something. But whatever, it really happened and I'm happy.



Re: I know you aren't gonna believe me

Post by Guest » Aug 23rd 1999, 5:39 pm

Wow. I believe you, and I'd like a photo (bbutler@adp.state.ca.us). That's so cool that you met them twice. They both seem like really nice people, and I really like how you respected their privacy! :)

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