Off-Topic Crew: Advice needed

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Off-Topic Crew: Advice needed

Post by pgh kenny » Dec 9th 2002, 10:37 am

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Post by jenrose » Dec 9th 2002, 11:35 am


i know what it's like to hate your job. i'm just a student so i haven't had a job that i needed for my livelyhood...but i've had jobs that suck. i just moved in with my boyfriend this summer so i took a job at a hospital cause it paid good, but it was miserable, so with the support of my boyfriend i quit, and am back at my old job as a crew chief at my university's concert hall....

anyway, my advice to you would be to start combing the want ads. look at anything that you would be qualified for and apply. just don't let the people you work with know. then when you find another job you can quit on the spot (or give notice if you're a nice guy----i didn't give notice). as far as fields you might enjoy, i'm an accounting major. there are lot's of number's and problem solving, and it's a pretty lucrative field. depending on the type of company you work for you could be doing projections and a little bit of program work (my final project in accounting this semester was to design a fully functional data base to calculate revenues using percentage completion).

and of course, if you can afford it, quit and take a break. it's nice to not work sometimes. you will be able to devote more time to your job search.
good luck.

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Post by pgh kenny-forgot to login » Dec 9th 2002, 12:07 pm

thanks jenrose,

let me tell you, every single day i think to myself, why didn't I go to school for business? i even got a master's degree in environmental engineering. my big lesson: never get a graduate degree in anything until you've worked in that field for at least a year. After my wife graduated from college two years ago w/ anthropology degree, I convinced her to work a year before making the same mistakes I did.


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Help is on the way!

Post by lance » Dec 9th 2002, 12:22 pm


Hey dude. Just in case you forgot I am a library assistant here in Cincinnati. In my department we assist people with job searches and vocations. I currently have a librarian working on your situation and I hope to get back to you soon via PM with some possibilities.

Take it easy and remain hopeful,

Lance Man

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