certain episodes.......

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certain episodes.......

Post by xtherainkingx » Dec 8th 2002, 2:48 am

i can't think of which episode(s) it is, but..on certain ones, i've noticed that the main characters, specifically angela and jordan, will be wearing one outfit, and then they'll be in another one, and then back to the one before...all in one day. it's really strange. i guess instead of re-shooting a scene, they just decided to use old footage not realizing that anybody would notice?

in guns and gossip, angela sees the cops and she's in the same outfit from the day before, but it doesn't make sense because it wasn't the same day. maybe i'm not making sense, i dont know.

and also...i can never exactly tell what season, month, day it is in the show. i'll watch episodes and i'll be completely confused. what month does the pilot start out in?

in 'why jordan can't read,' patty talks about possibly being pregnant, and asks grahm the day and i forget what he sayas..but he says like thursday or something, and then it throws me off because the days dont seem to make sense..watch it and see if u get what i'm saying. i get confused when they're talking about seeing the bicycle theif over the weekend when it doesnt seem to tie all together.

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Post by SanDeE* » Dec 8th 2002, 4:26 am

Dancing in the Dark and Halloween take place in October for sure. Halloween for obvious reasons and in Dancing in the Dark we see, at Brian's house, the calendar in the kitchen is on October. I always assumed that the pilot takes place sometime in September, when that school year would have started for Angela. I don't think there is supposed to be the same exact time difference between each show (like, for example, a week). Can't help you on the clothes-changing query.

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