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Post by Guest » Dec 27th 2002, 11:59 am

i certainly agree that we should bring plaid back...i have many plaid shirts that i collect from rummage sales and my brother and my father, but it's just so frustrating that i'm practically the only person who wears it at my school anymore. i just got a pair of red doc marten boots for xmas...i love them. i had to search everywhere to find a pair...the only place that i could find that was selling them was in new york city. i also have a pair of light green chuck taylors whcih i could also only find in new york.

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Post by Nostradamus » Dec 28th 2002, 7:04 am

<Fashion Rant>

I couldn't agree more with the comments above -- what grinch stole my plaid?!!!

It used to be everywhere, it's timeless; it can't go out of style! Only it looks like the fashion industry thinks it has!

Then there's the new Evil plaid... the kind that has all the wrong colors and lines that are subtly mis-calculated so as to give you a headache looking at them. The last time I saw a plaid shirt at a shop, it was tan! What madman makes plaid like that?!!!

You're right about the shoes, too. Remember when shoes had nice rounded toes and the soles were proportional with the shoe? Now the toes are nearly square and the soles look like someone strapped bricks to the shoes! The shoe colors are bad too. I can barely recall my last pair of tasteful black hiking boots.

I'm not saying that early nineties grunge is the only way to go; there's plenty of other nice styles out there, and maybe some that have yet to be discovered. But if grunge wasn't broken, why'd they have to go and fix it?

:x :( :roll:

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Flannels were cool

Post by miss_squish » Jan 29th 2004, 1:38 am

i had sooo many flannels...i still have some that i break out on lazy days.
in 1994 i was in 10 grade and i "found" my clothing style with the help of MSCL...mostly flannels and doc martens.
i luv Docs...i might even wear a white pair to my wedding this November :wink:


Post by Guest » Feb 5th 2004, 2:06 pm

I STILL dress like this. I get really weird looks from all the ghetto girls I work with 'oh girl you should let us make you ova!' ::shivers:: I guess I tne it down a bt and add soem glam in there too. Imagine a ball gown with a flannel and huge scuffed up go go boots.

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I like my humble opinion!

Post by swetpi » Jun 16th 2005, 5:37 pm

I like that kind of style....i dont know really why...but i do! it looks good on Rayanne...(Gosh..she wears lots of layers of clothing!) and angela looks good in it too....but when you see other people wearing doesn't look as good.... :shock: i dunno! o well!

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