Networking and ftp

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Networking and ftp

Post by fnordboy » Dec 6th 2002, 2:42 am

Ok, hopefully someone on here knows more about this crap than me. Here is the situation:

I set up a network in my house about 8 months ago. And for the most part its worked dandy. But for the last couple of months i've been having problems with FTPing to my domain and my emails (outgoing only). And I know about the Passive mode, i was using that for awhile with no problems. I also have access to some other servers and all of those work fine. So i've tried the obvious things making sure my passwords and usernames are correct, making sure im using the right outgoing mailserver addy, etc. As far as the FTPing thing goes i can connect to the ftp fine in passive mode, but when i upload it gets like 37% through it and just chokes and hangs. And thats only like a 104k file (jpg) but i was able to upload a 1k txt earlier tonight for some odd reason.

The stats: im using a 4 port LinkSys router, have an ADSL connection through verizon. My website is ona Unix box, but i have access to a Win2k box through the same company (XO) and that doesnt work either. The other sites that i am able to ftp to no problem and email to are Win2k boxes. XP home is the OS and im using Outlook Express and FTPX (but the built in dreamweaver ftp chokes too).

And before the obvious reply, i called tech support and they say nothing is wrong...hmm wonder if AU bought them out too..... I've been using this host for the last 2 years and have had no problems till recently.

Anyone? Please?

EDIT: I finally talked to someone who knew something possibly. I told him my issues and atleast for the FTP thing he knew within 1 min that i was using Verizon DSL. He said it seems that between verizon and them there is an overloaded server. Hes had a few people with this same problem. Does this seem feasible?

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