MSCL may be gone from the tv screen, but there are lots of good (and bad) new productions airing each week. Talk with other MSCL fans about your favorite shows or the shows you hate. Of course you can also discuss TV show DVD releases here.
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Post by sine » Nov 27th 2002, 6:08 pm

Just finished watching the third episode of British drama/"semi-comedy" series Teachers. I haven't seen the first two episodes, but judging by what I saw tonight watching the series seems worth spending time on -- although I must admit that I'd probably have that take on any series that has a Belle & Sebastian song on its soundtrack :)

So, the reason I'm posting this to mscl forum is that tonight's episode had a few elements "from" "The Substitute": one subplot involved English class reading/being introduced to Shakespeare's Sonnets. I tried to spot another (possibly unintended) mscl-references but didn't have much success -- although the main character, English teacher, assigned students to write a love poem of their own as homework and a female student came up with one that had a line that essentially said "I love the way he stands." 'To stand' ain't that far from 'to lean,' is it? :wink:

Oh, and the sonnet read -- aloud, by teacher, in front of the class -- wasn't the same one Mr. Racine read.
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Post by fnordboy » Nov 28th 2002, 2:43 pm

Belle & Sebastian goodness. yum

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Post by Jody Barsch* » May 15th 2006, 1:52 am

There's a god awful new American sitcom by the same name. Some of the worst writing I've ever seen on television. They're definitely not playing Belle & Sebastian. The thing about it is that Sarah Shahi, who plays Carmen on the L Word is on it; a pretty telling sign, considering the season 3 finale, that she's not returning. I hate to see her go from such a great show and awesome character, not to mention hot hot pants and lingerie, to such a bad show as this. The British version, if indeed these shows are at all related, must have been a lot better.
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