audio out of synch with video

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Post by DoubleBilled » Nov 26th 2002, 11:58 pm

Well first let's keep it straight that AU is not the author of the DVD's. They are the distributor. BMG/AIX 'made' the DVD's.

The problem I have with the 5.1 mix is that the music is a little loud in conjunction with the speech, and the surrounds are really pumped up.

I'm guessing the Rear Left and Rear Right aren't even discreet, it's probably a mono signal sent to both speakers. I'd be surprised if back in the day they actually recorded discreet surround tracks. And I'd still be surprised if in the 5.1 remastering they yanked out a discreet surround track, but I may be wrong.

I like the stereo track because it's nice and clear, and my receiver has a great DSP effect that makes a great center channel out of the stereo track and makes the left and right sound great as well.

I think we can kiss the thought of a recall goodbye.....for any problem they may have popped up. I think the only way this set would be recalled is if we spun up a MSCL DVD and the "Bugaloos' were on it instead.

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