Episode Circulation

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Re: Episode Circulation

Post by ataris » Jan 3rd 2000, 1:58 pm

Matthew, I was wondering if you are still willing to copy the last 7 episodes that BMG didn't release. Please e-mail me at lagatariswagon@aol.com. Thank you!

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Re: Episode Circulation

Post by Zonkvadr » Jan 4th 2000, 5:59 pm

Matthew, if you're still in the business of dubbing tapes, please respond to zonkvadr@aol.com. And tell the truth, are you really doing this as an excuse to watch the shows over and over again?


mr p
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Re: Episode Circulation

Post by mr p » Jan 10th 2000, 11:06 am

Very interested.Please email me at hulkrules@planet.nl

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Re: Episode Circulation

Post by LukeN » Jan 29th 2000, 3:52 am

Hey, Matthew.
If you're still making copies of those 7 episodes, I'd really like to buy some. Please e-mail me at mnelson9@gateway.net Thanks.



Re: Episode Circulation

Post by Guest » Mar 1st 2000, 1:04 pm

Hi there, I don't know if you are still doing them, but I am very interested in a copy the episodes. The thing is though, that I haven't got any of the episodes. Is it possible to get all of the episodes from you? I will pay you whatever you'd like (almost). I live in Denmark, but my VCR can show both NTSC and PAL, so that shouldn't be a problem. Please let me know what you think.
Thanx, Kaspar
E-mail: schroder@jubiipost.dk

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Re: Episode Circulation

Post by gromit » Mar 22nd 2000, 3:30 pm

Hi Matthew,
I'm SO interested. Please email me at gromit@stanford.edu!


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Re: Episode Circulation

Post by Lou » Aug 12th 2000, 12:16 pm

Matthew, are you still offering to tape the 7 MSCL episodes for loyal fans? It would make my day if you were to reply in the affirmative :) Please say yes...
Thank-you for such a kind offer. I would be most grateful.

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Re: Episode Circulation

Post by rudy817 » Aug 24th 2000, 4:50 pm

Are you still offering the episodes? This would be great for me since I only have six.
Please email me if offer still stands.


Re: Episode Circulation

Post by Guest » Sep 6th 2000, 8:15 pm

the show meant soooo much to me.. i have a few episodes on tape. its the only tv i watch... over and over again.. i am an unemployed high school student with no dough to buy the over priced sets on ebay.. i can pay you a little cash for whatever you have. please help. -amandarock


Re: Episode Circulation

Post by Guest » Sep 6th 2000, 8:20 pm

oh.. and my email is amandarockstar@aol.com

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Re: Episode Circulation

Post by Alee » Sep 6th 2000, 8:50 pm

I just have to say...GIVE UP! :)

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