goof on self-esteem

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Nicky Driscoll
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goof on self-esteem

Post by modo » Nov 21st 2002, 6:04 pm

I'd never noticed it before- but a boom mike comes down into the frame at 16:10 in Self Esteem on the DVD....

Nicky Driscoll
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Post by modo » Nov 21st 2002, 6:44 pm

Also, in Self-Esteem right before J.Leto says "Can we...Can we go somewhere?" there's a line of weird color that pops up at the top of the screen. It did that consistently when I rewound and fastforwarded. Is that the macrovision thing? Or is this a faulty disc?

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Jessica Popsicles
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Post by Jessica Popsicles » Nov 21st 2002, 7:04 pm

This will be moved to the thing section about the show probably, but that must've been the little black thing at the top of the screen that I noticed a few times. Maybe not, too lazy to look right now.
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Nicky Driscoll
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boom mike in resolutions

Post by modo » Nov 22nd 2002, 9:01 pm

also, in the cafeteria "tutoring" scene in Resolutions, there is another boommike that comes down into the frame. And there was a dusty lens on one of the cameras because there is an obvious fleck of squiggly dirt.

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Post by Georgia » Nov 22nd 2002, 10:53 pm

grumble grumble...

director, continuity, editors, camera operators, etc. all get to watch monitors/viewfinders when shooting/doing post...

Why is it always the goshdarn boomie's fault?! They could've bloody done something about it on the day!

Sorry, dropped in frame a lot at work this week.

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Post by glitter_punk » Nov 24th 2002, 2:37 am

Speaking of continuity....When I did my last year of girl scouts (when MSCL was on when I was in 5th grade) I was selling cookies and for some reason I remember going to the person's house 3 doors down from mine, and she said her sister, aunt, some female relative was one of the continuity people on the show. I remember her explaining it to me and i was really excited... She moved away like 3 years ago though, and I didn't get a chance to get anymore info :( I swear, I used to have so many MSCL moments, and I've ruined so many of them, like when I was standing like a foot away from Jared Leto and didn't recognize him.
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changing shirts

Post by likelife » Nov 25th 2002, 6:09 pm

speaking of the boiler room and continuity, what is the final verdict on angela's changing shirts in that epsiode??? she is wearing a sweater when she and jordan are making out, and then when she follows him up the stairs and sees him walking away with his annoying friend, she is wearing a sweater (v-neck, i think) with prints on it.
does this mean that someone messed up? or that the different shirts signify different days.. i.e. that this has happened more than once?

sorry, i am sure someone has talked about this before.

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