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Post by AngelaBee » Nov 21st 2002, 12:48 am

Did anyone ever have fantasies about killing someone? no, i'm not talking about ross...i'm in college and there are these girls on my floor in my dorm and i don't know what to do...they are just horrible...they ignore me right to my face. i will try to say hi and they just ignore me, it all started from this one girl who started ignoring me cuz we're not friends anymore and they all followed her. now my entire floor ignores me and i have no one to talk to :-( any advice? (aside from killing them...) (and no, i can't switch floors for five more weeks, till next semester).

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Post by NIGHTJESSI » Nov 21st 2002, 3:13 am

It's too bad that some people have to be so snobby and that somehow that attitude has spread throughout your floor. I would suggest maybe trying to strike up a conversation with fellow students in classes and in activities. If the people on your floor are so close-minded that they don't want to talk to you, then talk with people who are worth it.
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Re: Evil...

Post by Nostradamus » Nov 21st 2002, 7:06 am

AngelaBee wrote:Did anyone ever have fantasies about killing someone?
OK, I realize you're complaining about a real problem, but I have to say, that is the funniest damn opening line I've ever read on this board! :lol: :D

Ahem. Getting back to your main question, I'm going to concur with NIGHTJESSI; it has been my experience that similar geographic location is no guarantee of similar interests. You're chances of meeting agreeable people are much better at the many student organisations and special-interest clubs that most colleges offer. Even the dinky one-horse school I briefly attended had about fifty of them. You might be surprised at how many of your fellow students enjoy kendo fencing, transcendental skydiving, rare spoon collecting, subatomic particle colliding, or whatever it is you're interested in.

As for your stuffy dorm-mates, you can probably just ignore them right back. If they get extraordinarily aggravating, there is usually some sort of system for filing a grievance with administration; check your student handbook.

Finally, there are many web sites with records of famous university stunts and pranks that could give a person ideas for dealing with certain problems in a creative and entertaining manner... :twisted:

Disclaimer: Nostradamus takes no responsibility for any trouble you might get in by reading and/or acting on that last paragraph. If a prank blows up in your face, you're on your own! :P

That said, if at all possible, involve a cow... :wink:
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Post by SanDeE* » Nov 21st 2002, 5:31 pm

I was at the dorms here at my college last year. I HATED it. With a red hot passion. My first roommate claimed she needed the air conditioning on constantly (she was barely ever there, too - parents lived nearby and her boyfriend had his own apartment) so that her MAKEUP wouldn't melt. Give me a goddamn break! I get sick in AC, and I had nowhere else to go! (I'm 500 miles away from home with no car.) So what am I supposed to do, freeze my butt off and get sick for some stupid makeup?!?! Yeah right. So we had to do a roommate switch and my second roommate was better. But still the living conditions were miserable.

So screw the girls on your floor! If they want to act like immature spiteful high school - no MIDDLE school - girls, then they don't deserve your attention. I agree with everyone else who posted here - find yourself some clubs, get to know other people with your major, take a drawing class or something like that, and don't spend a lot of time on your floor. Hang out/study in the dorm lobby or study rooms. Hopefully you'll only be there this one year, too. Then you're outta there!

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Re: Evil...

Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Nov 21st 2002, 5:58 pm

Nostradamus wrote:Finally, there are many web sites with records of famous university stunts and pranks that could give a person ideas for dealing with certain problems in a creative and entertaining manner... :twisted:
Funny coincidence, I was just reading about some here: http://www.azpeacemakers.com/ubb/Forum8 ... 06891.html

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Post by AngelaBee » Nov 21st 2002, 8:31 pm

wow, i came onto the website today expecting to see no responses to my post, and i saw 4 responses! it made me so happy to see that other people actually care :-) also, nostraus, your post really made me laugh. it's an interesting idea, although i have to say i would never attempt to actually harm them (even though to cause them bodily harm would probably give me the greatest single pleasure in my life right now...)....so thanks again guys for caring :-) it's so true that i have to just do my hardest to block them out of my life.

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