Uhh?...Angela's sweater in Self Esteem

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Uhh?...Angela's sweater in Self Esteem

Post by Jessica Popsicles » Nov 20th 2002, 6:38 pm

OK so maybe this doesn't go in this part of the forum, but people who post here have the sets so I'll put it here anyway.

On disc 4, the "Self-Esteem" episode, close to the begining when Angela is downstairs with Jordan and his friend is at the top of the stairs and Jordan tells Angela to keep it between just them that they go down there... Angela is wearing like a purple-ish sweater, but then when Jordan goes upstairs and says he had "some girl" down there... Angela looks out of the door when he walks away.. she's wearing some multi-colored sweater.

Maybe it was supposed to be like that kind of thing happens often and it was 2 different times, but it looks like that wasn't the case.

People have probably noticed this before so sorry for posting this if so, but I haven't seen the show in years so..you know!
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Re: Uhh?

Post by Sascha » Nov 20th 2002, 7:16 pm

Jessica Popsicles wrote:Angela looks out of the door when he walks away.. she's wearing some multi-colored sweater.
Yeah, that's the famous "sweater goof" :-) Both scenes were probably shot on different days or even on different locations - and someone from the production team screwed up selecting the correct clothes for this scene...

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Post by likelife » Nov 25th 2002, 6:11 pm

i just asked the same question in "self esteem goofs!"


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