Looking for "My So-Called Life" items or willing to part with one?
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Post by Ames693 » Aug 7th 2000, 5:54 pm

Hey everyone! Well, I am desperately looking for a MSCL poster. If anyone knows where I can find one or anything! Please let me know! Thanks!

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Check out this link by 13Aug

Post by mia » Aug 7th 2000, 9:30 pm ... =402881232

Everyone else stay away! This is for Amie. If I find out anyone of you has bid for this...

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darn it

Post by Guest » Aug 10th 2000, 7:17 pm

I was going to bid on that, but now I'd feel guilty. And I found it BEFORE I read your message (I'm always watching MSCL auctions). Sigh.

- somamoons who is always too lazy to look up her password

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Post by Ken » Aug 11th 2000, 4:29 am

Yeah, I really want a MSCL poster too! Can anyone make a colour copy or know where to find one?

I went to board a few days ago and Rayne was saying still has both box sets for sale! I checked it out and it's true! :-)


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