15 again

General discussion about the nineteen episodes of "My So-Called Life". Note: Our episode guide can be found here.
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15 again

Post by emma » Aug 3rd 2000, 9:18 am

I just felt I needed to tell ya all..I am 24 years old and I have just seen MSCL for the first time. No, don´t say anything, I have a hard time as it is to cope with the fact I never saw the show when i grew up. All my friends must have missed it, cause I never heard of it. I live in Sweden so there hasn´t been that much of a commercial. I must say that the episodes has made me a completely diffrent person. I have got this warm feeling inside, like I am happy all the time and goes around smiling about little sayings from the show or jokes. It feels lika I have a crush or something *Laughs* And maybe I have, in the serial. I cant undurstand why it was put down, compared to things like Beverly Hills and all which is just crap, in my humble opinion. Well I feel like I am being 15 again, and it is not as hard as i remembered it.

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Re: 15 again

Post by worldsapart » Aug 3rd 2000, 8:48 pm

Wow...MSCL for the first time. I think it would be fun to be able to watch them for the first time again. You know, not know what was going to happen so you'd still get that giddy feeling in your stomach every time Angela talked to Jordan, or feel really bad for Brian when he couldn't express himself to Angela (while being mildly annoyed at his approach).

Speaking of such a thing...I don't know if any of you caught the show Second Noah when it was on (in 1996, I believe), but I just recently obtained copies of some of the episodes and it's kind of that feeling I was describing. There were only 21 episodes before it was cancelled, and while it's not NEARLY the same quality as MSCL, I enjoyed it a lot when it was on (I can remember sitting in Biology in high school, discussing it with my lab partner)...and it was fun to watch it again (though I've only watched the pilot so far) because I had forgotten a lot of the stuff and it made it thrilling again- almost like watching it for the first time.

Hmm...Just my random comments for the day...so anyway Emma- I'm really glad you got to see it, now hopefully you can find a way to get the videos in PAL format. Maybe one of our other European pals can help you out. =)


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Re: 15 again

Post by saake » Aug 4th 2000, 4:32 am

hi Emma
I know the feling the same way ewery time I watch Mscl..

now im svitching to swedeish..

Hej Emma
va kul med en svensk till *ler*.. att se mscl för första gången var en otrolig a ha upplevelse för mig. jag såg serien när tv 4 visade den och sedan har Angela och gänget varit trvliga minnen då jag inte spelade in serien.. men jag hittade den här sidan för ett tag sedan och genom den kom jag i kontakt med en fins kille som skickade över alla 19 avsnitt på video till mig. När jag fick video kaseterna så sträck såg jag alla avsnitten (mina jobbar kompisar undrade varför jag var så trött på jobbet)och blev glatt överaskad över hur bra serien var den var.. det om detta vad kul att du dök upp..

åke saake

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Re: 15 again

Post by emmie » Aug 6th 2000, 10:52 pm

hi emma!! I think you will fit in very well with us. as you can see, it still has a fan following. we still find things to discuss about the show, and many of us have been watching it since it first aired. there is always something in daily life that you can relate to MSCL. and it's fun when you realize that. I just wish there were more people to share it with when I see how life parallels the show.

and tracey, I know what you mean about being able to watch it for the first time again. how exciting to get anxious about next week's ep, and trying to figure out all the relationships from a fresh perspective. I try to pace out my marathons so when I do watch it again, there is always some little thing that I had forgotten about. plus, it's still fun to notice (or have it pointed out to you) patterns and things, such as the number 8 recently discussed.

emma and emmie. think that will get confusing?

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Re: 15 again

Post by Alee » Aug 7th 2000, 12:30 am

Yeah, I haven't even been watching it that long, but it still seems impossible to remember a time when I hadn't seen them. It would be so cool to start over. And it's funny, no matter how many times I watch an episode, I can always find something new, whether it's a point of view on something or more of an understanding or somehow relating it to my life, or just some little thing I'll notice. That's really cool about it.

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